Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 98

The Divine Emperor had gone missing.   

When Wen Changchu came looking for Song Ci, he brought along this piece of news. 

Song Ci was a little surprised. “I saw him some time ago. In the Demon Realm.”

“What was he doing in the Demon Realm?” Wen Changchu asked. 

“Didn’t I tell you? He was the one who activated the Yin Yang Time Reversal Array.” Song Ci replied, “Him, and another immortal with a broken horn. I think he’s called Shangshan Divine Lord or something.”

“Among all the Six Realms, Shangshan Divine Lord is the one and only member of the Water Qilin Clan.” A look of understanding dawned on Wen Changchu’s face. “It’s indeed possible to activate the Yin Yang Time Reversal Array with the combined powers of both men. The Divine Emperor went missing after activating the array, so it’s possible that he has been drawn into the Yin Yang Time Reversal Array.”

“Then it’d be hard to find him.” Song Ci said, “Who knows where he has gone?”

“It’s not about the difficulty in finding him.” Wen Changchu shook his head slightly. “If he has been drawn in, then there will be no way to search for him at all. Yin Yang Time Reversal Array merely sends, but not receives. Once drawn into the array, there will be no opportunity for him to come back. The reason you can return is because you have the Kunlun Mirror.”

“Then wouldn’t the Divine Realm need to choose a new Emperor?”

“Yan Bei is now still in the Human Realm, and Ning Shaosi has long left the Divine Realm. With the Divine Emperor missing, there’s only the God of War, Ze Chen, left. There’s no way she can suppress the forces that have begun to stir. Mo Zun’s1 return to the world has thrown the Six Realms into turmoil. At the same time, the Old Divine Realm is eyeing the New Divine Realm. I fear a tough battle is imminent.” It was one of those rare times Wen Changchu looked so serious. He sighed, “The New and Old Divine Realms have coexisted for so many years. It’s time for them to become one.”2

“The chance of victory for the New Divine Realm is slim.” Song Ci speculated to himself. “The Tu Shan Clan is also on the decline. The disappearance of the Divine Emperor this time is an excellent opportunity for the Old Divine Realm. They will not let this slip.”

“If the Divine Lord is absent, then the only ones among the Six Realms who can take his place are Rong Bai and Ning Shaosi. But Ning Shaosi…” Wen Changchu suddenly stopped speaking, as if he was thinking about the appropriate word to use. After thinking about it, he said, “In short, Ning Shaosi is out of the question. That’s left with Rong Bai.”

“Who exactly is this Ning Shaosi?” Song Ci asked. He had been hearing of this name many times, but those who spoke of him seemed to be avoiding mentioning his affairs. This inevitably made him curious.

“He’s a descendant of the White Tiger Clan from ancient times. Combative and savage, the White Tiger Clan is more skilled in combat than the Tu Shan Clan. Among ten Gods of War in the ancient era, nine were from the White Tiger Clan. Originally, the breaking of Ning Shaosi’s seal further cemented the New Divine Realm’s throne. But no one expected the Zhu Clan to exploit an opening later and almost killed Ning Shaosi. After he was seriously injured, Lou Muge took him back. From then on, he traveled further and further down the road to demonic cultivation.” 

Wen Changchu knew quite a bit about him and summed it up in concise language. “Back then, when his shifu was slain with the combined efforts of the crowd, he slaughtered half of the Immortal Realm all on his own. He killed everyone he came across. Even when Yan Bei and Ze Chen joined forces, they could not stop him from carrying out his massacre. Tsk, tsk, tsk, how scary.”

“If that’s the case, then it stands to reason that he wouldn’t stand on the side of the New Divine Realm.” Song Ci gave a light sigh. The way others spoke of it was always this played down, but only the parties involved could truly understand the pain behind.

Ning Shaosi must have hated them to the core. Otherwise, as an esteemed God of War, how could he have massacred the Immortal Realm?

“Ning Shaosi’s decision is not considered a decision.” Wen Changchu said enigmatically. “The key still lies in what Lou Muge thinks.”

After both men spent a moment in a to-and-forth exchange of gossip about others, Song Ci changed the subject. “How have you been lately? Are you still following Zhu Yishu around?”

The moment Song Ci mentioned him, it put Wen Changchu in a bad mood. “He’s always clinging on to me. I can’t shake him off. And he even disdains me for not being well-read and for being uncultured. I merely wrongly identified ‘shu’ as ‘xu’.3 Both characters are exactly the same. It’s only normal for me to misread it….”

“Ay! You can’t say that.” Song Ci’s education had mostly come from the classics, so he was very much in favor of reading more books. He immediately took out a book from his bosom and handed it to Wen Changchu. “A boor who is illiterate is different from a boor who is literate. At least your vocabulary isn’t as limited when you swear at others.”

Wen Changchu had never expected this man to be carrying a book on him. He looked on blankly as Song Ci stuffed the book into his hands. He turned it around for a look. There were a few large characters written on the yellowish cover. He could not help but read it out, “The Theory of No Demon?”

There was a sudden flash of white light on the three aged characters on the cover, which stung their eyes. Song Ci blinked his eyes and wondered in disbelief, “Did this cover flashed a moment ago?”

“I saw it too. Don’t tell me this book is some special renowned book?” He asked Song Ci.

“It’s just an ordinary book.” Song Ci thought to himself, he had been reading this book for so long, and he had discovered nothing unusual with it.

The flash earlier lasted only an instant. It did not look any different from how it usually was now that they looked at it again. Both men blindly pondered over it for a moment, then Wen Changchu tossed it onto the table. “I don’t read this kind of stuff.”

Believing his own lie. 

But as soon as the book was thrown on the table, its pages suddenly started to turn over at rapid speed as though someone was forcefully flipping it open. But both men were not touching it, and there was no wind blowing in at all. This scared them both, and they both simultaneously leaped away from the table.

They did not expect the turned page to emit a massive sucking force that sucked them both into the book even before they had the time to react. Then, the book closed up again, looking just like an ordinary book set aside on the table.

As if no one had touched it at all. 

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This chapter is so short! (You guys will definitely say so) 
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The main plot has concluded.
This is the finale, written for entertainment. It won’t be a lengthy one.
There will be an extra or two after the story ends~~

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  1. 魔尊 (楼慕歌) Mo Zun (Lou Muge). Mo Zun, or the Devil Lord, is Lou Muge’s title. He is not the Devil King of the Devil Realm. (They are different people).
  2. There’s more on Ning Shaosi, Mo Zun Lou Muge, and the battle between the Old vs. New Divine Realm in the author’s other novel, 《魔尊今天也在逃命》 , literally translated as ‘The Devil Lord (Mo Zun) is Fleeing For His Life Again Today’. It features Ning Shaosi x Lou Muge, and the side pairing of Lu Shaoqing (Big Beard in early chapters) x Qingqiu Cong. Rong Bai and Song Ci, Zhu Yishu and Wen Changchu, along with some other characters in this novel, appear here too.

  3. shu (戍) vs. xu (戌) looks almost the same but is pronounced differently and has different meanings. They aren’t exactly the same as Wen Changchu said; one of the strokes is different.