Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 82


Some (?) child abuse. (???)
If this is a trigger/landmine for you, please stop reading now.

Song Ci was aware that there were plenty of rumors and gossip about him floating around now, but he could not find a suitable opportunity to prove to the others that he was not a demon.

Furthermore, there was still the issue of the destruction of the disciplinary whip. So it was only natural for him to stay put and not stray around outside. 

And so, he had nothing to do but to bask in the sun and sleep. 

However, earlier on, he had noticed the smaller scroll beside the Chronicles of the Divine Realm that Rong Bai had ignored. That had actually stirred up his interest. 

The wounds that he had gotten from the battle with Tu Shan Yue were now more or less healed after he had soaked in the spring that night. And the five tails he now had after the fusing of blood gave him some confidence; he did not show any fear even when the Clan Head of Tu Shan sent someone for him.

Of course, the one thing that was still on his mind was the identity of that beautiful woman nailed to death on that massive tree in Rong Bai’s dream.

How was it that Rong Bai could lean so peacefully and willingly beside the woman? 

Could it have something to do with that younger sister he hated… 

In short, he had been speculating a lot. He was waiting to enter Rong Bai’s dream again. Unfortunately, he did not know if it was because Rong Bai did not dream again or if he was somehow unable to enter the dream; for several days in a row, Song Ci’s sleep was dreamless. 

This frustrated Song Ci. He sat at the threshold of the door and sighed as he gazed at the blue sky. Lost in his own thoughts, he pondered over how he could get himself involved in that matter. 

“What are you sighing for?” Feng Zhuojun’s voice suddenly rang out.

In fact, Feng Zhuojun had disappeared ever since the day he pulled Song Ci out of the Kunlun’s illusory realm. It was almost as if he was being tactful enough not to disturb Song Ci.

Now that he saw Song Ci sighing again, he had popped up once more to guide Song Ci back onto the right path.

“I want to know why Rong Bai…” Song Ci deliberated over it for a moment before he summed it up. “Why does he hate Tu Shan so much? Didn’t he extract the blood from his heart and leave the Divine Realm? Since it’s rumored that he was expelled from Tu Shan, then it goes to show that the contradictions and conflicts between him and Tu Shan weren’t minor when he left.”

“That’s simple.” Feng Zhuojun said, “There are two Historical Scrolls in Rong Bai’s library. One is on the Divine Realm, and the other is on the Tu Shan Clan. You can go and take a look.”

“So that smaller one is the Historical Scroll of Tu Shan.” Song Ci muttered to himself. 

“Looks like you have already seen both scrolls.” Feng Zhuojun said. “The Historical Scroll of Tu Shan was actually written by Rong Bai himself. When he left Tu Shan, he burned and destroyed it. If you take a look at it, then you will surely understand Rong Bai’s past, but…” 

“But what?” Song Ci probed. 

At the same time, he had already risen to his feet to head for the library.  

“Rong Bai’s past is a little heavy. If you want to look, you need to be mentally prepared for it.” He said. 

Song Ci paused a little in his steps. Now that Feng Zhuojun had said so, he felt a little apprehensive, especially at the word ‘heavy’. He knew that Feng Zhuojun tended not to speak too gravely on a matter, so it was likely that what he saw was even more severe than just ‘heavy’. 

But the pause lasted only an instant. Song Ci continued on to the library in silence. As Rong Bai had specially given his instructions to the immortal attendants guarding the entrance, they did not stop him from accessing it. The moment he stepped through the door, the lights on the wall of the hall lit up one after another. The immortal attendants gently closed the doors. 

The library hall was not empty; it was full of densely packed books on display. But when there was only one person in it, it was inevitable for it to be excessively silent. Even the sounds of footsteps could be clearly heard.

Song Ci walked from memory to the front of the bookshelf that Rong Bai had activated the last time. He imitated him in gathering his divine power in his palm before pressing it lightly on the bookshelf. The power within the bookshelf echoed with the power in his palm. With a series of creaking sounds, the bookshelf slowly pulled open before Song Ci to reveal the two scrolls floating within.

As before, there was a big one and a small one. 

Rong Bai did not have the intention to hide this from him back then. In other words, the scroll was something that could be shown to Song Ci. So Song Ci did not hesitate. 

He took down the smaller scroll and slowly unfolded it. The Historical Scroll of Tu Shan was different from the Chronicle of the Divine Realm in the sense that it emitted white light. There was no trace of ink on it either. 

Closing his eyes, Song Ci turned his divine consciousness into a wisp of light and threw himself into the scroll. There was a ray of soft, white light, and then his entire vision dimmed until it was depressingly dark; it made Song Ci very uncomfortable.  

He surveyed the place and saw several scrolls hanging out of thin air before him. They were arranged neatly in a row, but unlike what he had seen earlier, these unfurled scrolls all had images on them. 

Song Ci swept a glance past them and chose the first scroll. Then, as if stirred by the wind, the scrolls fluttered and rustled. All the colors in his eyes faded away as a wind out of nowhere rendered a gorgeous sunset before him.

Song Ci was stunned in the face of this scenery. He turned around and saw a massive tree with thin, dense leaves and a lush canopy behind him. The breeze glided through the treetop and sent the leaves rustling.

Song Ci raised his head and saw a child in black sitting on the trunk. With his hand to the trunk, he gazed out into the sunset in the distance with a pair of pretty black eyes that reflected the redness of the setting sun. 

The child’s black hair was all tied up. His sleeves that had been rolled up to the crooks of his arms revealed half of his snow-white arms. A portion of his right arm was red and swollen. 

Song Ci stood at the bottom and watched him for a moment before he leaped onto a branch to look at him from a close distance. To his surprise, he realized that this child was Rong Bai when the latter was young.

He could tell at just a glance. Because they were too alike. 

But this child did not have snow-white hair and blue eyes.

The corners of the child’s lips curled downwards. He looked to be lost in thoughts as he gazed at something with an expression of unconcealed anticipation.

There were some wounds on his exquisite face. Song Ci did not know if he had gotten them from a fight with someone or from a fall. In any case, he looked pitiful.

This place was so quiet that it was as if there was only Rong Bai here.

However, this impression was quickly quashed. A white-haired man suddenly appeared at the bottom of the tree out of nowhere. His face was expressionless, but inexplicably enough, his fury was palpable. 

However, what bothered Song Ci most was that undisguised loathing in that man’s eyes as he looked at Rong Bai. It made Song Ci’s eyelids twitched.

Sure enough, the man suddenly reached his right hand out in a claw to grip a defenseless Rong Bai by the back of his neck and flung him down.

Rong Bai could not react in time. Furthermore, he seemed clumsy. He flailed his limbs around as he crashed into several thick branches before heavily hitting the ground face-down. Fortunately, there were thick growths of grass below, so he was not too badly bruised from the fall. 

Song Ci felt his fury rise. Even his fingertips started to tremble. For the first time in his life, he had the inexplicable intent to kill. In reality, he seldom had the intent to kill. As a real human being who had lived for over twenty years, he knew that it was a crime to kill. He would never kill indiscriminately simply because he had become a demon.

He would not decide the life and death of another man as he pleased either.

And yet this man before him stirred up the murderous intent in Song Ci’s heart. 

He took two deep breaths to calm himself and saw Rong Bai climbed to his feet awkwardly from the ground. Fearful of the man before him, Rong Bai shrank his neck back and retreated, ignoring even the bits of grass all over him from his earlier tumble. He called out softly, “Father.”

Song Ci did not expect the man who had been so brutal towards Rong Bai to be the current Clan Head of Tu Shan and Rong Bai’s father— Tu Shan Bi. 

Looking at his cold and frosty expression, he obviously had no fatherly affection for Rong Bai.

“Who allowed you to loaf around?” He said in a cold voice. 

“Father, I’ve already trained for the entire day. I would like to rest for a little while…” Rong Bai’s voice weakened. The child’s gaze looked pitiful.

But Tu Shan Bi remained unmoved. He flung out a white-colored whip and lashed out at Rong Bai. 

Startled, Song Ci subconsciously dived to grab hold of the whip. He did not expect to pounce on empty air and grabbed at nothing. He watched helplessly as Rong Bai’s arm received the blow. A bloody scar instantly appeared on it, and the child’s little body tumbled a circle in the air before crashing back down to the ground yet again. 

Only this time, he got back to his feet quickly. He did not even delay as long as he did when he fell off the tree earlier. Keeping his hands off the wounds, he merely stood with his head lowered, looking as if he was acknowledging the errors of his ways. 

“As long as you have yet to evolve into a divine form, you have to keep training and training! You have no right to rest!” Every one of Tu Shan Bi’s words dealt Rong Bai a heavy blow. Rong Bai tried hard to control his trembling body as he said through clenched teeth. “Yes, Father.”

Song Ci was nearly infuriated to death by this man. He was furious, and his heart ached for Rong Bai. The intensity of his emotions made his brain hurt. 

“Tu Shan Bi!” Right at this time, an enraged shout rang out from the side.

There was a flash of red, and the resounding sound of a slap rang out. When Song Ci looked over, he saw a delicate and charming woman in red standing before Tu Shan Bi. Fury adorned her ravishing appearance, and her eyes were widened so much in a glare that they lost their allure. Even the blood vessels in her eyes were clearly visible. 

She threw Tu Shan Bi a slap so hard that almost half of his face was swollen.

What shocked Song Ci was the realization that this woman was the woman crucified to death on the tree in Rong Bai’s dream. What’s more, he had a guess about her identity.

In all probability, she was Rong Bai’s mother. 

“Tu Shan Rong Sang, you dare to strike me?!” Tu Shan Bi looked malevolent as he gritted his teeth. 

Rong Sang was not the least bit afraid of him. “Ah Bai1 is our child. He is also the only child in the clan with a pure bloodline and who is a natural-born nine-tailed fox. He’s born noble and respectable. Who are you to hit him? Are you even worthy?”

“He’s just a worthless piece of garbage who still has yet to evolve into a divine form! Why can’t I teach him a lesson when he sneaks off to loaf around?” Tu Shan Bi justified his action, not the slightest bit ashamed about hitting Rong Bai. He looked rather abominable. 

Song Ci did not understand what he meant by “evolve into a divine form”. But it probably had something to do with Rong Bai’s current appearance of black hair and black eyes. Looking at how fearful Rong Bai was of Tu Shan Bi, this was clearly not the first time he had been hit. 

Rong Sang glared at Tu Shan Bi, then turned around to squat beside Rong Bai. She touched his arm and caressed his face. “Son, we are not training anymore today. There’s no hurry for you to evolve into a deity. Take your time.” 

“Tu Shan Rong Sang! If you interfere with Rong Bai’s evolution into a deity, then I will tell the elders of the clan and let them deal with you.” Tu Shan Bi threatened.

Rong Sang sneered. “Let them come at me then. I will take Ah Bai away today. If you dare to touch him again, I’ll make you suffer even if I have to fight to the death!”

Fury blazed in Rong Sang’s blue eyes, accentuating her dazzling red outfit. Showing no fear of Tu Shan Bi’s threat, she swiftly picked up Rong Bai in a hug and left.

Tu Shan Bi’s face was as cold as frost. Yet if he could see Song Ci, Song Ci’s expression would likely daunt him. As much as Rong Sang’s expression was fierce and furious, she did not look murderous. But Song Ci’s eyes were brimming with the intent to kill Tu Shan Bi.

After Rong Bai left, the entire scene froze. Those scrolls that had shown up earlier reappeared. Song Ci burned with rage as he chose the next scroll.

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  1. The “Ah” is a prefix used before monosyllabic names to indicate kinship and/or familiarity.