Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 80

In the past, Rong Bai would usually go out for a stroll with Yan Song and Ze Chen after academy hours.  

But now, all Rong Bai wanted to do after classes was to return to Tu Shan.

It was only after Yan Song followed behind him and shouted for him many times that he managed to stop Rong Bai. 

Rong Bai turned his head to look at him with a questioning gaze.

Yan Song tutted as he shook his head. “Do you have a mountain of gold and silver at home? Why are you in such a hurry to return home?”

Ze Chen stood at the side and said, “Exactly. It’s such a fine day today. All the more we should go out for a walk.”

In truth, when they went out for a walk, it was to seek out those demons that were creating havoc to “punish evil and uphold virtue.” It was chaos in the Six Realms at the moment, and there were quite a lot of demons who were committing evil right under the deities’ and immortals’ noses. This was also what combative people like Ze Chen liked to do for amusement and recreation.

Typically, Rong Bai would not decline such a suggestion. But today, he shook his head. “You guys go on ahead. I still have something else on.”

Yan Song folded his arms and raised his eyebrows. “Something else? It couldn’t be that little fox demon you brought back from the hunting grounds previously, could it?” 

There was a slight change in Rong Bai’s expression the moment Song Ci was mentioned. But before he could speak, he heard Ze Chen say, “Who else could it be? Are you sure that fox is not a Qingqiu? Look at how much he has charmed Rong Bai.”

Yan Song took a few steps closer and lowered his voice. “We have no right to say anything if you want to keep a lover in your chamber of gold. But there is one thing I want to mention. Wasn’t your Tu Shan’s disciplinary whip destroyed last night?”

The man guarding the whip was so badly injured that he was still unconscious. And the disciplinary whip made out of dragon bones had been shattered into so many pieces that there was no way it could be reforged. Because of this, the head of Tu Shan flew into a rage and swore to find the culprit who trespassed.

This news had spread through the entire Divine Realm earlier that morning. 

“I heard that…” Yan Song said somewhat absent-mindedly, “You were looking for that little fox for almost the entire night last night? When he returned, did he tell you where he went?”

Rong Bai knew what he meant. In fact, it was not just Yan Song; many people were suspecting that little fox in his house. After all, he had caused a big commotion last night when he was looking for Song Ci. Rong Bai looked straight at Yan Song and promised, “It can’t be him. He is new to Tu Shan and doesn’t even know the way. Besides, he doesn’t have the capability to destroy the disciplinary whip.”

“That’s hard to say. Doesn’t he know how to use your Du’e?” Ze Chen pursed her lips and said, “If he uses Du’e, then he’ll definitely be able to hack the whip into pieces. Perhaps his motive for entering Tu Shan wasn’t even that pure to begin with.” 

Rong Bai turned his head and interrupted them. He smiled, “I believe it isn’t him.” 

This trust came out of thin air, but it was firm and unshakable. Even Rong Bai did not know why. In any case, he believed that Song Ci was not the culprit. 

After bidding Yan Song and Ze Chen farewell, Rong Bai hurried back to Tu Shan.

Even Yan Song thought this way, let alone those from Tu Shan. Those that had long disliked him would surely think of ways to create trouble for Song Ci. 

It was unusual for Rong Bai to be in such a hurry to return home.

As soon as he pushed open the palace door, Rong Bai saw a head poking out from behind the soft chair.

Song Ci did not know how long he had been lying on it. His hair was all tousled. When he saw that it was Rong Bai, he grinned and got off the chair to ask him, “Why are you back so early today?”

“I had nothing on.” Rong Bai relaxed right at once, and a hint of a smile rippled across his beautiful eyes. He removed the snow-white cloak on him and handed it over to Peining, who was attending to him at the side. He asked, “Have you eaten?” 

“Nope. I’m not hungry now.” Song Ci put on his shoes and went over to welcome him back. He said to the immortal attendants behind Rong Bai, “All of you may leave.”

Peining held the cloak in his arms and bowed slightly to Rong Bai. Then he led the others out of the main hall and shut the door quietly, leaving only Rong Bai and Song Ci in the hall.

There were two hollowed-out bronze incense burners in the hall inlaid with a light-bearing pearl on the motif. White smoke rose in spirals, permeating the hall with the faint scent of incense.

Song Ci raised his head to look at Rong Bai. His right hand suddenly twitched as it made its way slowly into Rong Bai’s sleeve to grasp hold of the latter’s slender fingers.

The moment he felt Rong Bai’s warmth on his palm, Song Ci’s heart thumped. His ears burned too, but he put on a calm facade and did not give himself away. 

Still, it surprised Rong Bai. Rong Bai lowered his head to glance at him and asked, “What’s the matter?” 

Song Ci did not release his hand. Instead, he gripped it even tighter. He coughed once to clear his throat. “I’ll show you a treasure.”

Rong Bai could feel the thin callus on his palm, which was the result of grasping a blade. But it was not obvious, and it was still soft when he pinched them.  

He let Song Ci hold his hand. His mood brightened, and the smile on his face grew even more apparent. With the smile adorning his face, he was even prettier. He asked softly, “What is it?”   

Song Ci pulled Rong Bai along as he took a few steps. His heart was pounding hard. He did not have to touch his chest to feel that unmistakable rhythm in it. 

Both of them sat down on the chair. Song Ci reached his hand into his bosom to take out a yellow fragment. Rong Bai could not see its luster under the light, but he inexplicably found it familiar. 

He frowned, realizing that things were not as simple as it seemed. 

Song Ci looked at the fragment in his hand and instantly broke out in a happy smile. 

This fragment had initially been kept in his yesterday clothes, and he had almost lost it after he had a change of attire which he had asked from Peining after soaking in the spring. 

“This is…” Rong Bai hesitated. “It seems like…” 

“That’s right. It’s a fragment of Tu Shan’s disciplinary whip.” Song Ci said, “The dragon bone indeed lives up to its name. Even though it looks ancient, it’s still pretty solid. I had to smash it for quite a while before I could shatter the entire whip. It’s now so wrecked that they won’t even be able to glue it back!” 

His desire to be praised was evident in his tone. 

“Then, Tu Shan Yue…” 

“I knocked him out.” Song Ci felt that he should not hide anything from Rong Bai, so he told him the whole story. “I used a lot of strength, so he shouldn’t be waking up for a while.”

Rong Bai recalled what he had said to his two friends earlier and suddenly felt pain in his cheeks. He stretched out a smile and said, “Well done. The clan is rigorously investigating this matter. If it’s you, they won’t be able to find you out.”

“Oh, you reminded me.” Song Ci said. “Someone came to the palace earlier and said that the Clan Head wanted to arrest me for interrogation. You said you wouldn’t allow me to leave, so I didn’t go with them.”  

Rong Bai suddenly lowered his head and laughed upon hearing this. He took the fragment of dragon bone Song Ci was holding between his fingers. With a pinch of his fingers, it burst into flames and burned until not even ashes were left of it. Rong Bai looked into Song Ci’s eyes and said, “Only you and I know about this matter. Keep this from everyone else.” 

Song Ci sank into those azure blue eyes and nodded his head obediently. 

Perhaps it was because the matter in his heart had been thoroughly exposed and laid bare before him. Now that Song Ci was this close to Rong Bai, he inexplicably fixed his eyes on the latter’s lips and recalled that wanton kiss in his dream when Rong Bai had pinned him against the tree. He felt restless and unsettled. 

Rong Bai noticed the frankness in Song Ci’s gaze which Song Ci made no effort to conceal. He subconsciously took a few steps back. He opened his mouth, but before he could speak, Song Ci suddenly raised his eyes and smiled gently at him. He said, “There’s something above your mouth.”

Puzzled, Rong Bai felt around his lips but could not touch any foreign object. Thus he asked, “What is it?” 

Song Ci looked on patiently as Rong Bai wiped his mouth a couple of times. He said, “It’s still there.” 

Rong Bai frowned and stood up to get the bronze mirror. But Song Ci grabbed hold of him. “Let me help you.”  

After agreeing to it, Rong Bai sat back down. Song Ci leaned in closer to him and said in a hushed tone, “Don’t move. It’s tiny. I’ll be gentle.” 

Successfully taken in by Song Ci, Rong Bai stiffened and watched as Song Ci moved closer to him little by little. When the distance between their cheeks was about the length of a fist, Song Ci suddenly threw himself forward and sealed Rong Bai’s lips.

He released Rong Bai’s hand and wrapped them around Rong Bai’s neck as he kneeled on the chair. Towering a little over Rong Bai, he deepened the kiss.  

It was hard to describe Song Ci’s feelings. He felt as if he had turned into a tidal wave, roiling and churning on the surface of the sea before crashing into the rocky wall. The splash of water that broke up into little droplets turned into globules of satisfaction and delight that excited and stimulated his nerves. He never realized it, but it made his actions feral.

A ferity that was gentle, and even a little timid. 

This differed completely from the dream. The sense of touch was incomparably real. And the surging emotions quickly turned his fair neck a shade of red. 

Rong Bai widened his eyes in surprise. He kept falling backward as Song Ci pressed down on him. Eventually, he toppled over onto the chair without even the slightest bit of resistance and subconsciously used his hand to support Song Ci’s waist. 

However, because Song Ci had no experience at all, Rong Bai’s surprise did not last long. As if in a dream, he slowly responded to him.

After licking wetly around Rong Bai’s lips, Song Ci imitated Rong Bai from their previous kiss and pried his mouth apart to share a dance with his tongue.

Perhaps it was because Song Ci felt that he was forcibly kissing Rong Bai that the satisfaction welling up in his heart was indescribable. He relaxed and propped himself up with his elbows on both sides of Rong Bai’s head. His ink-black hair slid down and mingled with Rong Bai’s snow-white hair. 

Sensual sounds could be heard as their lips connected, and it was particularly conspicuous in the silent hall. Song Ci let himself loose as he ran rampant in Rong Bai’s mouth. 

It was indeed not the same when they got down to business. Song Ci secretly thought. No wonder all the lovers in the world liked to “support the righteous way”.

Rong Bai did not know what Song Ci had gone through. It was inevitable for him to be surprised at such a big transformation in him. But Song Ci seemed to be happy, and Rong Bai himself was also willing to be pinned down. The hands he had been supporting Song Ci with slowly wandered and took liberties with him while he was still engrossed.

When Rong Bai first brought home this little fox who had suddenly appeared during the hunting meet bearing a familiar aura, and with the ability to use Du’e, he had two motives. 

The first was that he wanted to know where this little fox had come from, why had he been able to use Du’e, and why there was such a familiar aura on him.  

And the second was that the little fox made him want to get close to him, which was a pretty rare feeling to him. Taking him back to raise as a pet seemed to be a good idea. 

But who knew that the night he brought him back, he pinned the little fox down to have his way with him in his dream. He was pretty shocked when he woke up. 

He had been having the same dream for many years, and that was the first time there was a change in the contents of his dream. He had been searching for the reason for it. He was even thinking of taking it slow as he slowly grew closer to the little fox. 

But obviously, this little fox was even more impatient than him and beat him to it in making the first move. 

Even if his face and ears had gone red, even if his heart was pounding, he was still not willing to let him go. 

Rong Bai could not help but curl up the corners of his lips. Just as he put his arms around Song Ci’s waist to pull him closer, Peining suddenly spoke from outside the palace door, “Young Master, the Divine Lord Yan Bei has come looking for you.” 

Before Rong Bai could react, Song Ci sat up from Rong Bai’s body and wiped away the wetness at the corner of his lips. He said in annoyance, “What’s that little brat doing here at this point in time?”

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