Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 71

Rong Bai was standing before him, all dressed in black. His snow-white hair cascaded over his shoulders, providing a sharp contrast to his robe. 

His expression was a little alienated and inexplicably malevolent. Song Ci called out uncertainly, “Rong Bai?” 

When this name left Song Ci’s mouth, the detachment on Rong Bai’s face vanished. He raised his eyebrows and let out a frivolous smile, then cocked his head and asked, “Song Ci?” 

Song Ci’s eyelids twitched. “What’s the matter?” 

“Song Ci…” Rong Bai stared fixedly at Song Ci. His smile brightened as he took a sudden step towards him. 

Song Ci felt a sense of foreboding and took a step back. He hurriedly asked, “What do you want to do?” 

Rong Bai’s voice was soft. “Don’t be afraid. I’m not doing anything.” 

The way Song Ci saw it, Rong Bai did not look like he would do nothing. Suppressing the uneasiness in his heart, he turned around and took to his heels. 

A massive tree with a lush crown stood on the bank of the shoal. The intertwining roots of the tree dug all the way into the ground. Even if there was something wrong, Song Ci thought that he should head ashore first.

This place was too strange. It was too unfamiliar. Too empty. 

Song Ci sprinted. Every step he took sent the water splashing. Just as his hand touched the tree, a powerful force suddenly came bearing down on him from behind and pinned him against the tree.

The next moment, a warm body pressed up against his. Scalding hot breath caressed his ears, making them burn. 

“Little Song Ci, what are you running for?” Rong Bai pressed down so firmly on his shoulders that he could not even move an inch. 

Song Ci’s struggle was in vain. He let out two wry laughs. “I wasn’t running. I just don’t want to remain in the water. My feet are freezing.” 

Rong Bai clung to his ear and took a deep breath. “You smell so nice… The more you run, the more intense this scent becomes.”

“What scent? Why am I not smelling it?” Song Ci instinctively sensed that this Rong Bai was a little dangerous, so he softened his tone. “Can you release me first?”

Rong Bai did not answer. The sound of his breathing reverberated through Song Ci’s ears. Just as Song Ci was about to repeat the question, he suddenly felt a warm, wet, and soft sensation on his ear. The sensation moved along the top of his ear down to his earlobe before enveloping it whole.

Song Ci felt a jolt of electricity all over his entire body, and he subconsciously let out a moan. He turned his head in an attempt to dodge it, but he did not expect Rong Bai to seize the opportunity to move his soft lips down onto Song Ci’s chin. 

“Rong Bai! What are you doing?!” Song Ci straightened his neck and yelled. 

Rong Bai grabbed hold of his chin and twisted it to the side with a grip so firm that it seemed to be telling Song Ci that resistance was futile. Before Song Ci could react, Rong Bai leaned in and lowered his head to kiss his lips. 

Song Ci was stunned. His eyes widened in a stare. He realized that they were so close together that their breaths were interwoven into one. He could not even see Rong Bai’s eyes clearly. 

All Song Ci could feel after Rong Bai took Song Ci’s lips into his own was the gentle caresses of Rong Bai’s tongue on his lips. It was as if Rong Bai was tasting a very delicious dessert. Slowly and gently, he pried apart Song Ci’s teeth and invaded his mouth.

Song Ci kept moving his head back, but Rong Bai kept pursuing him until Song Ci could retreat no longer. Song Ci began to struggle and took advantage of the moment Rong Bai relaxed his grip to extract his hand to shove Rong Bai’s chest.

But Rong Bai grabbed the back of his head and held him in place. His kisses deepened with the intensity and aggressiveness of someone wanting to snatch all of Song Ci’s breath away and leave his traces behind in every part of Song Ci’s mouth. 

Song Ci felt as if his entire head was on fire. His heart pounded so fast that it was crashing against his chest. He had such a look of disbelief on his face that his pretty eyes lost their usual luster as he stared at Rong Bai with eyes as large as copper bells. 

Rong Bai turned him around slowly and pinned him down from the front. He tightened his grip at the back of Song Ci’s head to deny him a chance to struggle as his tongue intertwined with his. Tirelessly. Intimately. 

Knowing that Song Ci’s face had gone all red from the lack of air, Rong Bai released his lips to let him catch his breath.

Song Ci sucked in a mouthful of breath to replenish the oxygen lacking in his chest and glared at Rong Bai. “Are you mad?!”

Rong Bai lowered his head until the tip of his nose was almost touching Song Ci’s nose. His lips had turned rosy from all that kissing. He stretched out the tip of his tongue to lick it and smiled, “Where did you come from?”

On hearing his irrelevant reply, Song Ci began to struggle again. “Release me!”

Rong Bai cupped Song Ci’s cheeks with both hands and stared at him with those blue eyes straight. He said in a deep voice, “Too late.”

Song Ci was indignant. He did not know if it was out of shame or if it was because this Rong Bai gave him an oppressive sense of uneasiness.

He was about to speak when he saw Rong Bai pressing down on him again. He hastily raised his head back to dodge, but then the back of his head struck something. The instant the pain assaulted him, he opened his eyes.

It was all dark in his vision. It was only until Song Ci sucked in two breaths that he realized he had been dreaming earlier. He touched his lips, and his face burned. He never thought he would have such a dream too. 

Song Ci shifted his body, moving Rong Bai’s arm along with his movements. Although Rong Bai’s arms were not hugging Song Ci in an embrace, they were still firmly encircling his waist. His head was buried in Song Ci’s shoulder.

Song Ci’s entire person began to steam when he thought back to the scene in the dream earlier. He wanted so much to leap up and give himself two hard slaps. 

Just a mere hug, and he had started to have this kind of weird dream. If he so much said a word about this to others, they would laugh their heads off at him, wouldn’t they?

Song Ci spent a moment to calm himself down. A wave of tiredness washed over him again, and he was so sleepy that he fell asleep. However, he did not dream of it again and slept until daybreak.

Song Ci felt refreshed and comfortable all over when he woke up. He stretched himself before he discovered that he was the only one on the bed. 

He rolled off the bed, and a row of immortal attendants pushed open the door to enter. Every one of them was holding something in their hands as they stood in line with lowered heads and walked over to Song Ci.

The youth who had brought him to Tu Shan yesterday bowed to say his greetings. “Immortal Lord Song, the Young Lord wants me to ask on his behalf if you have slept well?” 

Song Ci looked dazed as he stretched his head. “… Not too bad.”

“Then please let us change your clothes for you.” The youth gave Song Ci a light nod and instructed the immortal attendants behind him to dress Song Ci up. 

These immortal attendants were skilled and trained. When they heard the youth’s command, they began to help Song Ci to put on his clothes with light, gentle movements. 

Song Ci was almost moved to tears. He had forgotten how long it had been since he was last served like this. He had led a pampered life in the past as the young master of the Liang Residence. But after he had left home, he did everything himself.

The immortal attendants worked fast. After changing Song Ci’s attire, they retreated. When the youth saw that he had completed the task Rong Bai had assigned him, he bowed and prepared to leave. He did not expect Song Ci to stop him. 

“Hold on.” Song Ci said. “What’s your name?”

The youth answered respectfully, “Peining.”

“Oh, Peining. Where has your Young Lord gone so early in the morning?” Song Ci asked. 

“The Young Lord has gone to the Divine Realm Academy.” Peining answered. “Before the Young Lord left, he had instructed this humble servant to give you whatever you want when you wake up. The only thing is that you can’t wander around.” 

Song Ci recalled that Feng Zhuojun had once mentioned before they came that these junior immortals all had to study at the academy. He could not help but feel curious about what they were teaching in the academy. 

Thus he asked, “Can I go?” 

Peining replied without batting an eyelid, “No.” 

Although he did not reveal his emotions, Song Ci could catch a hint of his disdain. In fact, from Peining’s point of view, Song Ci was merely a bedfellow who had used his charms to obtain Rong Bai’s favor. It was true that he was a demon Rong Bai had brought back from the hunting grounds. 

Only the descendants of the various Divine Clans and of formidable demons were qualified enough to enter the Divine Realm Academy. Even some of the large clans might not necessarily be able to send their descendants in, let alone a minor demon like him.

Instead of feeling regretful, Song Ci merely nodded. “Then, can I stroll around Tu Shan?” 

“You can. But this humble servant would advise you not to.” Peining answered. 

Naturally, Song Ci had to ask the reason. “Why?” 

“Those in Tu Shan aren’t exactly happy about the Young Lord bringing someone back.” He spoke tactfully, using the word ‘not exactly’.

Song Ci stroked his chin. “Then, doesn’t that mean I can only stroll around this palace?” 

“The Young Lord said he would be back soon.” Peining replied without answering Song Ci’s question. 

Song Ci nodded. “Then, I’ll just stroll around the palace first.”

Anyway, he had nothing to do. And he had discovered that Feng Zhuojun had been silent for too long. He needed to verify if Feng Zhuojun was still in the Kunlun Mirror hanging around his neck.

Without letting anyone follow him, Song Ci wandered randomly on his own around Rong Bai’s palace. Once he reached a secluded spot, he reached out his hand to touch the Kunlun Mirror. “Feng Zhuojun? Feng Zhuojun?”  

“What can I do for you?” Feng Zhuojun’s response was quick.

“Why are you so quiet?” Song Ci asked. 

“There’s a strong barrier in Rong Bai’s inner chamber. After you entered, I lost all contact with you and was sealed in the Kunlun Mirror. It was only after you walked out just now that I could come out.” Feng Zhuojun explained. 

Speaking of this matter, Feng Zhuojun wondered, “But why did Rong Bai let you sleep in his chamber?”

Hearing that reminded Song Ci of his dream again. A layer of crimson crept up his neck. He gave two dry coughs with a reddened face and steered the conversation away. “Uh… is the Divine Hunt Meet canceled just like that?”

“What else can they do if they don’t cancel it?” Feng Zhuojun said. “It’s too troublesome to find another venue at such short notice. So they can only drop it. And counting the days, it’ll be the birthday of the Vermillion Bird Clan’s little princess soon..”

“Who’s that little princess?” Song Ci guessed. “Is that Zhu Qin’s elder sister?”

“That’s her.” Feng Zhuojun added. “She’s also the woman betrothed to Rong Bai.” 

“Zhu Han has been a pampered child since she was born, and she has been at the center of attention among the Six Realms after her betrothal to Tu Shan. As such, this birthday celebration will be held with a lot of pomp.”

Song Ci secretly rubbed his palms. “That’s to say, something fun is coming our way again?”

Feng Zhuojun asked, “What are you going to do?” 

“Nothing in particular. It’s just that I don’t want to be cooped up in Tu Shan. It wasn’t easy for me to come to the Divine Realm. I should have my fill of fun.” Song Ci said, “Didn’t you say it yourself? This is the place where everyone in the Six Realms fought tooth and nail to enter.”

“I did say that. But there is a long history behind the enmity between the Divine and Demon Clans. It’s not something that can be eradicated in a day or two. So, if you continue to harbor this blood in your body, you will definitely end up bullied.” Feng Zhuojun said. “But, it’s just as well to let others know about this earlier. That would be better for you and Rong Bai.” 

The more Song Ci thought about it after listening to Feng Zhuojun’s words, the more he sensed something off. Thus, he asked, “What do you mean, it would be better for Rong Bai and me?”

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