Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 18

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“I remember that you can summon and retract this blade. Show it to me now.” Rong Bai told him.

Rong Bai’s speech had always been neutral, but under this silent moonlight, Song Ci inevitably found him somewhat gentle.

Especially after Rong Bai had said that he would teach him.

Having not seen this scimitar for a few days, Song Ci had missed it. Thinking of how this blade had never left him for four years and had always protected him every time he had encountered danger, he could not help but depend on it.

He did not know the material this scimitar was made of. The entire blade was black, and the handle was engraved with intricate and complicated patterns. Its weight felt just right in his hands, and Song Ci had confirmed many times that the typical man could not pick up this scimitar at all.

At least to his knowledge, he was the only one who could lift this scimitar before Rong Bai appeared.

Song Ci took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. His eyes stayed fixed on the scimitar in his hand as he sought that familiar sensation in his mind. The thought of retracting the blade flashed through his mind, and the scimitar in his hand burst into a ball of black fog and then disappeared.

Rong Bai watched and asked, “Where have you kept the blade?”

Song Ci lifted his robe with his right hand, showing the scimitar on his waist belt, sticking close to his slender waist.

“When you retract the blade, you do not keep it on your body, but within your power.” Rong Bai clasped the handle of the knife and drew it out. “Let it merge into your power and become part of your strength.”

“But this blade has substance. How do I retract it?” Song Ci frowned slightly and asked in bewilderment.

“You must first feel that power inside of you.” Rong Bai lifted his left hand and pointed lightly between Song Ci’s brows. A ray of white light scattered, like the ripples of the calm lake water when touched.

Song Ci felt an external force seeping through his forehead, followed by a surge of heat in his limbs and bones. ​The blood in his body ​stirred as if responding to the external energy.

​​​He only had this kind of feeling​​ when ​those ears popped out.

“Can you feel it?” ​Rong​ ​Bai asked in his ear​. ​

Song​ Ci nodded dully as his consciousness swam after that power. It suddenly collided with some mystical energy within his body and gently fused together into one.

Rong Bai looked at him quietly. Dark red patterns gradually emerged on Song Ci’s ​handsome face ​as a light blue ​shade covered his eyes.

​Blue eyes, nine tails. These were the most apparent characteristics of the Tu Shan Fox Clan.

After his consciousness ​had fully merged with that ​power, ​Song Ci suddenly ​had the urge to try it out. So he glanced at the tree next to him​. As soon as the idea of ​​grabbing a leaf flashed through his mind, the leaf fell off the branch, floating before Song Ci as if it had been blown there by the wind.

He ​hurriedly ​stretched out his hand to ​catch hold of it, ​rejoicing as he said to Rong Bai, “I’ve ​learned​ it​!”

Rong Bai chuckled softly, then said in a gentle tone, “​Practise a few more times, and you’ll ​soon be familiar with it.”

Song Ci was so happy that he turned ​around in circles​. After picking a few more leaves, he saw Rong​ Bai yawning. ​Only then did he return to the quarters with Rong​ Bai​ while joyfully​ ​hugging a few leaves​.

​​The ​next morning, ​just as everyone was ​leaving, Wen Changchu ​returned looking all exhausted ​with black circles around his eyes. He ​cast a look at Song Ci and headed straight for the room without even having the energy to ​greet him.

​On seeing how fatigued he was, Song Ci assumed that Zhu Yi​s​hu ​had dragged ​him out for some purpose last night. Without questioning him, Song Ci readied himself to set off for the morning class with Rong​ Bai.

​But when Rong Bai saw Wen Changchu heading back to sleep, he withdrew the foot that was already out of the door and turned back towards the bed, ​as if he also planned to go back to sleep.

Song Ci wanted to call​ out to​ him, but he did not dare to stop him, so he ​braced himself and went to the morning class with​ the​ others, thinking​ ​perhaps no one would ​notice ​Rong Bai’s absence since there were​ so many people in ​attendance.

But ​Zhu Yishu noticed it as soon as he entered. Ambling over to Song Ci​, he ​asked softly, “Why isn’t Rong​ Bai ​here today?”

Song​ Ci was so nervous that his​ palms ​started sweating. He lied, “He’s ​ill. He caught a cold last night​, so he couldn’t come​.”

​Zhu Yishu ​suspected nothing and simply said, “Let him have a good rest​. After class, go to the ​medicine hall to ​grab some medicine for him.”

​After that, he started his class. As long as Zhu Yishu did not delve further, they would be fine. Song Ci heaved a sigh of relief.

Liang Jiujiu took advantage of ​the others’ inattention and sat down beside Song Ci. He looked around timidly and whispered to Song Ci, “Song Ci, can I talk to you after class?”
Song Ci did​ not ​dislike this person. After all, he was naturally fond of ​people with the surname ‘Liang’. He ​was curious about what Liang Jiujiu wanted to talk to him, so he nodded his head in agreement.

​Zhu Yishu’s lesson for the entire day was still on controlling objects with the mind, ​Based on everyone’s slow progress, Song Ci ​felt that this lesson might probably drag on for a few days.

However, ​Zhu Yishu was patient​. ​​There was no trace of impatience on his face as he sat and watched the crowd practice with a warm smile​ on his face, ​creating a favorable impression​.

Song Ci ​took his learning seriously. ​His ​revision ​had ​started ​going smoothly​ ​​after Rong​ Bai’s pointers. He was ​now ​able to make​ the small stone ​rotate on its own; even Zhu Yishu had praised him after seeing it.

​Song Ci was about to leave when the class ​ended, but Zhu Yishu gently patted him on the shoulder and whispered, “​Come with Wen Changchu to ​look for me ​tonight.”

The implication of his words was that he would be guiding both of them individually. ​Song Ci was happy on hearing it, but ​when he ​remembered Wen Changchu’s exhausted ​look earlier, he could not help but feel fearful. ​Eventually, he left the class with mixed feelings.

Liang Jiujiu ​was standing outside​ waiting​. Song Ci remembered his promise to talk to him and followed him to a secluded place. After waiting for ​the area to clear out, Song Ci asked, “What ​did you want to ​talk about?”

Liang Jiujiu seemed to be timid​ by nature​. ​When he saw that the place was empty, he mustered up some courage to say to Song Ci, “​I found you a little familiar when I saw you, ​but I couldn’t be sure. May I ask if you are from Xi Liang​?”

​Song Ci was momentarily startled and replied blankly. “Yeah.”

Liang Jiujiu knew he ​had guessed right and added, “​Then, do you know Liang Shuhong?”

​​Song Ci sucked in a cold breath, and his eyes widened in shock. The ‘Liang Shuhong’ Liang Jiujiu​ had ​mentioned was ​none other than ​himself.

He was born ​the son of a concubine in​ the Liang ​clan. ​His name was Liang Shuhong1, and his ​courtesy ​name2 was Ci.

​After he turned into a demon, he ​had put in all his heart into finding the Demon King in order to turn back into a mortal. After leaving the capital of Xi Liang, he had changed his name, taking on the surname of Song while using his courtesy name as his name. All these to conceal his real identity and name.

​He had never expected a stranger to mention his name before him in the faraway lands of Dong Wang.

​​Liang Jiujiu ​noticed his odd expression and hurriedly added, “I don’t mean any harm​. ​I just want to ask​. If you don’t know​ him​, then ​it’s fine.”

He turned to leave, but Song Ci grabbed him. “Who else do you know?”

Liang Jiujiu was ​so frightened he shivered and quickly revealed, “​Master Yanbei, everyone in the General Residence, ​His Highness Wen Jiu…”

​To address Liang Yanbei as ‘master’​, he must have been Liang Yanbei’s subordinate.

“​The ​​​General​ Residence​?” Song​ Ci was puzzled. “​Which ​​​General​ Residence?”

What ​did the ​General​ Residence ​have to do with Liang Yanbei?

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  1. ​梁书鸿 Liang Shuhong is Song Ci’s real name.
  2. 字​ ​A courtesy ​name​​​, also known as a style name, is a name bestowed upon one at adulthood in addition to one’s given name.​