Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Chapter 13

Song Ci was perplexed.

His first reaction was that those two must be up to no good. 

Rong Bai had his own matters to attend to, while Wen Changchu had his own purposes. Neither of them had planned to take Song Ci with them, so they had gone off without saying a word.

Song Ci thought, fine if you guys don’t want to take me along. It’s not like I want to go either!

Thus, he covered himself with the quilt and continued to lie down with the intention to sleep until daybreak.

But the more he wanted to sleep, the more he could not sleep. Song Ci tossed and turned until he gave up and pulled the quilt off him before sneaking out of the room.

Outside, there was just the right amount of moonlight, and only the rustling of leaves in the wind could be heard. Everything else was still. 

Song Ci looked up at the moon and thought over the routes he had taken through Mo Yao Sect that day. Finally, he walked out of the courtyard and started to search in a general direction.

The terrain of Mo Yao Sect was complicated, and Song Ci was not familiar with it. After a detour, he completely lost his way and ended up circling around various walls and trees.

A dispirited Song Ci leaned against the wall and looked up at Heaven as he shed a tear, what kind of lousy place was this? The buildings all looked the same!

He walked until the end, not knowing where he was now. He felt that the surrounding walls were now taller, and the colors were richer. Just as Song Ci stood at the fork of the road mulling over which way to go, a muffled hum diverted his attention.

He glanced in the direction of the sound and saw a huge, dimly lit building a distance away.

After a moment of hesitation, he walked to the other side. As soon as he approached, he saw the slanting figures of two people at the entrance. One was sitting, and the other was lying; both of them had their eyes closed.

There was a small gap in the door of the building with a faint light escaping from within. Occasionally, there were slight noises.

He could tell at a glance it was a crime scene. Song Ci stood at the door, stuck to the ground without walking in or turning back. He was debating whether he should walk away or enter.

As he struggled internally, the small gap between the door was suddenly pulled open. Song Ci subconsciously took a step back, only to see an acquaintance coming out of the door.

“What are you doing here?” Wen Changchu looked at him in surprise and asked.

Song Ci immediately breathed a sigh of relief. “So it’s you. What are you doing here in the middle of the night instead of sleeping?”

“That’s what I asked you. You even came all the way out here.” Wen Changchu stuffed a thin book in his hand into his bosom and swept his eyes over Song Ci. He guessed, “Were you also here for…”

“What?” Song Ci asked in confusion.

“You can drop the act. You came here for that too, right?” Wen Changchu walked up to him with a grin. He put an arm around Song Ci’s neck and patted his chest with the other. “I’ve already got it. Let’s leave first. Don’t let the others find us out.”

Song Ci absolutely had no idea what Wen Changchu was talking about, but he followed him out of the imposing building and along a dark path.

“What was that place earlier?” Song Ci could not help asking once they were some distance away.

“That’s the largest library in the Mo Yao Sect; all the books are in it.” Wen Changchu said with a pout as he shook his head. “You have no idea how many books there are. It’s a headache just to look at it.”

“​You like to read by the candlelight​?” Song Ci said with astonishment. He could not tell that Wen Changchu still had the spirit of a learner.

If he was really so eager to learn, then Song Ci believed that he and Wen Changchu would have many common topics to talk about, because reading makes people happy.

“Candlelight my ass. I’m ​searching for something. Otherwise, I wouldn’t go to that​ kind of​ place​. Just taking a look makes me dizzy.” Wen Changchu did​ not understand the ​joy of reading and swore, “I ​really don’t understand these stuff on paper. As a child, I ​was always getting beaten ​up because of these. ​Every time I see one now, I just​ want to eat it and ​turn them into a lump ​of​…”

​Song Ci could no longer bear to continue listening and interrupted him with an incredulous expression, “You even eat books? Are you a barbarian?” ​ 

“No.” Wen Changchu shook his head and answered. “I’m a demon.” ​  

​Song Ci, “…” That was hard to refute. 

“​Demons also need to ​be literate. Otherwise​, ​​if you stand among the crowd​, ​others ​can recognize you as a demon in just a glance.”

“​Then, did you ​realize I was a demon the first time you saw me?” Wen Changchu asked.

Song ​Ci​ ​recalled ​those gray wolf’s fur​ and nodded, “It was obvious. ​I believe anyone who wasn’t blind could tell.” 

Wen Changchu felt that he could not ​out​talk​ Song Ci​, so he stopped arguing and just waved his hand and said, “​In any case, ​I don’t like reading all those stuff.”

Song Ci ​​lamented​, “​Looks like you ​will never experience the ​pleasure of reading.”

“Cut the crap​. I’ll take you back first.” ​​Wen Changchu said. ​​​

“You’re done​ with your stuff​?” Song ​Ci asked.

​Wen Chang​chu touched the book in his ​bosom and nodded.

“​What about Master Rong? Have you seen him?” Song ​Ci asked again.

“How ​would I know​? He was already gone when I got up​. ​​​He moves so stealthily. If he wants to leave, would he still let us hear him?” Wen Changchu answered.

​Then, as if remembering something, he lowered his voice and said, “​How did you ​hook ​up ​with that man? I ​feel like he’s not someone to be taken lightly.”

“I feel the same.” Song Ci nodded. “He snatched my stuff, so​ I ​​​followed him.”

“What stuff?”

“Something that ​can save my life.” ​Song Ci replied. “I asked for it​ back​ twice ​to no avail, so​​ I ​could only follow him.”

“So you were ​coerced?” Wen Changchu said​. ​“Then I’ll help you steal ​it back some other day​. You can regain your freedom ​after you ​get your hands on it.”

“No.” Song Ci immediately shook his head and ​met Wen Changchu’s ​puzzled eyes. “I’ve realized that Master Rong is so much more formidable than that item. I’m safe​ staying​ by his side.”

“You can’t ​keep ​staying​ with him. He is a human after all​, and you may not even be a demon.”

“What ​do you mean?” Song Ci ​was puzzled.

​It was rare for Wen Changchu ​to look serious​. “​You ​​know​ ​of the Tu Shan​ Clan, right​?”

Without waiting for Song​ Ci’s reply, he continued, “The ​people of the​ Tu Shan ​Clan were born deities of the Nine ​Heavens. ​And the Divine ​Realm ​ranks first among the Six Realms. ​You can imagine how​ distinguished​ the ​status of the Tu Shan​ Clan​ is.”

“​There was someone ​from Tu Shan ​who had renounced ​the Divine Race. Before he departed, he left behind a drop of blood​ from his heart​. This drop of blood ​was stored in ​Tu Shan until it was stolen over ten years ago. Its whereabouts ​remained unknown. ​Back then, the Tu Shan ​Clan launched a large-scale search ​in the Six Realms, but the world is vast, and ​they never found it.”

“I suspect that the drop of blood was consumed by you.”

“No ​need to suspect. I ​was the one who ​ate it.” Song Ci ​​said calmly. “The moment it entered my stomach, it began to change my body​ and turn me into what I’m now​.”

​After being stunned for a moment, ​Wen Changchu ​lamented, “You’ve really got yourself a great bargain​. ​So many immortals and ​demons in the ​Six ​Realms had ​gone to great pains to find that drop of blood​. ​Who could ​have imagined ​​that it would end up in your mouth​?”

“This ​great bargain has ​caused me a lot of hardships.” Song Ci​ thought. It was only because of his great luck that he could survive this far.

“After​ you have merged the blood into your own​ and stepped through the gate ​to the Divine Realm, ​you can become a god. ​But that Master Rong of yours is still a human no matter how powerful ​he is. It’s not good to get too involved with him.” Wen Changchu looked at him and said, “You are not ​an unfeeling person. Don’t hurt yourself.”

“Don’t worry.” Song Ci patted his shoulder and smiled. “Your sincere persuasion almost made me forget that you were going to kill me earlier.​”​

Wen Changchu smiled cheekily​ too. “Not ​just earlier, I’m still ​hoping to​ get​ your blood to heal ​myself.”

“Don’t​ even​ think about it.” Song Ci said, “The lesser nonsense you sprout, the longer we ​can remain friends on the surface.”

“Fine.” ​  

The two men with fake smiles on their faces had ​chatted enough. With their arms around each other and under the guise of​ their bogus friendship, they planned to return back to their beds.

But ​they had only taken a few steps​ when Song Ci suddenly heard a strange noise​. He​ turned to ​look at ​​​Wen Chang​chu​ ​who seemed to have heard it too. ​With his arm around Song Ci’s neck​, he changed directions and said​, “​Come on, let’s ​take a look.”

​​Song Ci resisted​ a little​.

​​Because he felt​ ​that​ ​the voice​ earlier sounded like… ​the delicate panting​​ of ​a woman?

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  1. Cat July 12, 2019 at 4:46 pm

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    1. Lianyin July 12, 2019 at 6:16 pm

      Ahhh in many cultivation novels I’ve seen, many of those with very high level of cultivation are capable of suppressing and hiding their true self and/or power.

      In chapter 11, when they were taking the test on the stone, Song Ci mentioned that the light that appeared when Rong Bai touched it was neither strong or weak and so Rong Bai must have been suppressing his power. Zhu Yishu said Rong Bai’s aptitude was decent, but Song Ci’s was excellent (better than Rong Bai), which is seriously unlikely (at this point of time anyway) lol. It’s just that he didn’t know how to control his power like Rong Bai.

      So it wouldnt really be a surprise if Rong Bai had suppress his power and aura to the point no one could tell who he was unless he unleashed it. πŸ€”

      1. Aozora July 12, 2019 at 8:37 pm

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