Fox Demon Cultivation Manual – Extra : Rong Bai x Song Ci

This is an extra the author posted on her QQ group chat on 20 June 2019.1 It’s canon, as in the author wrote it herself, but it’s not posted on JJWXC (since it’s just gonna end up censored). ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rong Bai pushed Song Ci’s robe aside and caressed his waist frivolously with his fingers. All Song Ci could do was to indulge himself and gasp.

“Rong Bai…” The name he called out was full of desire.

Song Ci’s robe was half-opened. His fair collarbone and waist were all reflected in Rong Bai’s eyes. Rong Bai dropped a kiss on his earlobe. “Try another way of calling me.”

“Master Rong?” Song Ci addressed him in a way he was familiar with. Although he had made a natural transition from Rong Bai’s honorific title to name, he figured that Rong Bai was probably still not used to it. 

“I want to hear you call me gege.” Rong Bai’s canine tooth gently scraped against the tip of his ear. “That’s how it always is in the storytelling scripts.”

That particular area was, to Song Ci, a sensitive spot. He could not help but shrink back as his entire ear turned red. 

After all, he had read the sagely classics for so many years. He really could not bring himself to call out such a sensual form of address. He turned his head aside and said, “Master Rong is pretty much fine.”

Rong Bai did not insist on it. His soft lips slowly moved down to Song Ci’s neck, and he buried his head into it.

Foxes had this feral nature concealed in their blood. They were instinctively interested in the necks of their prey. Rong Bai licked his neck with all the tenderness he had. After a bout of sucking, he left behind several lovebites of varying degrees.

Rong Bai’s breaths brushed against Song Ci’s ear. Song Ci lowered his head slightly and saw Rong Bai’s head cupped in his neck. He could not help but lift a hand to touch Rong Bai’s ear.

“Master Rong…” Just as Song Ci called out his name, he felt a slight, sudden pain on his collarbone. He could not help but let out a cry.

It turned out that Rong Bai had left a tooth mark with his canine tooth. He slipped his palm into Song Ci’s robe, and all the spots it swam over seemed to be on fire. It was so scalding that Song Ci’s skin instantly reddened.

Song Ci had never tried this kind of thing before. He could feel the heat from Rong Bai. It turned the root of his neck scarlet all the way up, where a haze clouded over his exquisite eyes.

He never thought that he would, one day, do this with Rong Bai. It was not that he had never had this kind of erotic fantasy when he was a youth. He had once wondered about the little pretty maiden whose red veil2 he would lift, and with whom he would tumble into the bed with to stir up a storm under the red quilt.

However, he no longer harbored such thoughts after he had grown up a little. At that time, he had quite the reputation in the capital, and there were plenty of maidens who wanted to marry him. However, Song Ci was not interested in them.

He felt that only a woman who was politically astute and well-versed in the classics was worthy of him marrying her.

He had never expected to eventually tumble into bed with someone who was not really that cultured. Heck, it wasn’t even a woman. 

However, this man, with the integrated body of an honorable deity and an affable Daoist priest, gave Song Ci a peace of mind and heart palpitations that no one else could rival. 

Song Ci was lost in thought for only a moment when Rong Bai realized it and picked him up to sit on the bed.

Song Ci snapped out of his reverie and lowered his head for a look. His chest was covered with hickeys that Rong Bai had left behind.

“I want to too.” Song Ci said. 

Rong Bai held him in his arms and used the tip of his tongue to lick Song Ci’s Adam’s apple. He whispered, “Want what?”

His voice burned with desire, tantalizing the latter every single moment. 

Song Ci’s Adam’s apple throbbed as if in response to Rong Bai’s tongue. “Bite you.”

On hearing this, Rong Bai smiled. He raised his head to look at him, stretching out his neck in the process. “Then, be gentle.” 

It was as if his smile was laced with honey. It was so sweet that Song Ci could not help licking his own lips. He bent his head down and planted a kiss on the side of Rong Bai’s neck, then imitated him in sucking and biting to leave his own traces behind on Rong Bai’s fair skin. 

However, Song Ci was unfamiliar with these matters, and his saliva flowed down along the corner of his mouth. He hastily wiped it off as his ears reddened from embarrassment.

Yet, Rong Bai smiled brilliantly. His desire surged forth, having been aroused. He took Song Ci’s lips into his mouth and licked away the saliva. Their lips melded together. 

In this tyrannical kiss, he grasped hold of Song Ci’s tongue, licked across his Song Ci’s perfect teeth, and loitered back and forth in every corner of Song Ci’s mouth.

The sensation of the rise and fall in Rong Bai’s emotions spurred Song Ci on. He pried Rong Bai’s collars apart with his hands and made his way from Rong Bai’s white jade-like chest to the back of his waist, touching those silky smooth skin.

Like lighting a fire in the dark night, it illuminated the feral beast in Rong Bai and tore away his gentle facade.

Rong Bai pressed up against the tip of Song Ci’s nose and exhaled lightly. Then he stripped Song Ci’s robe layer by layer. Song Ci’s young and well-proportioned body flickered under the candlelight, turning scarlet as though a layer of rouge powder had been scattered upon it.

Song Ci was not really that thin-skinned, but it was inevitable for him to feel shy with Rong Bai staring this fixedly at him after he had been stripped naked. Thus he let out a broad smile, revealing his pearly white teeth.

But in the next moment, he could not smile anymore. Rong Bai leaned over, and his hand slipped down along his waist and abdomen to wander around the base of his thigh. Song Ci had never been touched in that place before. It was so sensitive that even he felt surprised.

His handsome face flushed red. He subconsciously wanted to clamp his legs shut, but he did not expect Rong Bai to be so overbearing that he would not let him move even the slightest. Soft fingers wrapped around his erected sexual organ. 

Song Ci’s eyes reddened. The pleasure was indescribable. It was like a wave assaulting him right in the face, making him dizzy. He stared at Rong Bai and swallowed hard from the torment.

Rong Bai felt that Song Ci’s muscles tensed. He seemed nervous, so Rong Bai soothingly kissed him at the side of his lips. Like a fox tasting delicious food, he licked Song Ci’s lips and whispered, “You’re really not going to call me gege?”

With a questioning expression, Song Ci said to him, “Maybe you should read less of those storytelling scripts.”  

With that, he raised his head and cupped Rong Bai’s face to kiss him. His lips and tongue were pretty forceful as he went on the offensive. 

But his formidability lasted only a moment as his member below was rubbed by Rong Bai with alternating speed and urgency until it completely stirred up his emotions along with the movements. Where in the world would he still have the presence of mind to ‘attack’ Rong Bai? This comfortable and pleasurable feeling threw him into total disorder. He clenched his teeth to hold back the sounds bubbling up in his throat.

Rong Bai glanced at him and caressed his lips with his other hand, then he pried his jaws open and reached his fingers into his mouth. 

Song Ci docilely held his fingers in his mouth and nibbled them gently with his teeth.

A little wicked idea took hold in Rong Bai’s mind. The hand that had been stroking Song Ci’s shaft suddenly sped up. Faint sounds of water rang out as a sticky liquid covered his palm.

Song Ci raised his neck and a soft moan escaped his mouth. It was not that coquettish or alluring, but it had a special kind of flavor. He wanted to close his mouth, but there was nothing he could do with the fingers still in it, except to let out unrestrained moans one after the other. 

Song Ci’s breathing grew heavier along with Rong Bai’s speed. Unable to help himself, he lifted his hand to grab hold of Rong Bai’s wrist as he subconsciously straightened his waist. The redness on his neck became more and more apparent. Even his veins popped out from holding himself in. 

Rong Bai took out the fingers in his mouth, paying no mind to the wetness on it. He lowered his head into Song Ci’s neck to bite and lick it while listening to the latter’s increasingly ragged breathing and quivering moans. 

Following the trembling of his body in this intense pleasure, Song Ci ejaculated into Rong Bai’s hand. He exhaled and gazed at Rong Bai with glistening, watery eyes that brimmed with love and tenderness.

Rong Bai rubbed the milky secretion in his hand and smiled a little wickedly at him as he said in a very intimate tone. “Isn’t Xiaosong3 going to touch me?”

Song Ci’s chest was still heaving heavily. He slowly recovered his senses and reached his hands into Rong Bai’s robe to pull down the outfit hanging off Rong Bai’s shoulders. 

Rong Bai’s body was so white it was almost flawless. Just like the snow-white fur of his original fox form, it was alternatingly warm and cool and very comfortable to the touch.

Song Ci’s movements were a little slow as he stripped Rong Bai’s upper garment and undid his pants. He slipped his palms over Rong Bai’s sturdy body. He was always wanting to touch a few more times when he thought of the power concealed under this body.

Rong Bai patiently kissed his neck and collarbone without rushing him on.  

Fortunately, Song Ci did not play around for too long. His palms roamed down along Rong Bai’s waist and falteringly grasped hold of that magnificent sexual organ. The scorching heat on it made itself known to Song Ci, and Song Ci could not help but gulp down his saliva.

Rong Bai left lovebites on him one after and another and looked up at him. His usual indolent eyes were awash with bestial desire, conveying his excitement to Song Ci undisguised.

This was the first time for Song Ci. Naturally, he was not that practiced. But he was intelligent and imitated Rong Bai as he used his inexperienced handjob skill to stimulate Rong Bai’s manhood.

Rong Bai’s blood was burning and boiling. He had the impulse to get on with it and possess Song Ci. But he suppressed the urge. With his stained hands, he touched the entrance in Song Ci’s rear end and gently massaged that tightly closed opening.

The sudden, unusual feeling distracted Song Ci, and he grumbled, “Don’t touch indiscriminately.”

Rong Bai looked at him innocently. “If I don’t, then how are you going to take it all in later?” 

Song Ci’s face reddened. He did not know how to refute him, so he sneakily took his revenge with his hand, teasing Rong Bai so much that the latter’s breathing grew visibly heavier. 

Rong Bai continued to massage the opening unhurriedly. With saliva on one hand and semen on the other hand, he kneaded until Song Ci’s buttocks glistened with water. Once the entrance loosened a little, his fingertip nimbly made its way in.

Song Ci let loose a soft snort, and his opening below subconsciously shrank. He clamped down on Rong Bai’s finger, and his hand movements came to a stop as well. It was unspeakably awkward, but he did not resist as he stared fixedly at Rong Bai.

Rong Bai’s eyes had the ability to enthrall others. He might not be a Qingqiu fox, but the moment Song Ci met his eyes, his mind would go temporarily blank. All that was left behind was the word, submission.

Rong Bai sensed the pause in his movements. Instead of prompting him on, he straightened his back. The organ twitched in Song Ci’s hand, giving him a fright. After two snorts, he started to rub it again.

But Rong Bai did not stop. He slowly arched his back, moving as though he was copulating. As he looked, he could not help but lower his head to take in Song Ci’s earlobe in his mouth even as his fingers invaded the latter’s rear opening without pause.

It was not that easy for Song Ci to adapt to it. Rong Bai bit his own lower lip and fed the blood droplets into Song Ci’s mouth. The sweet, coppery scent of blood permeated the latter’s mouth.

The blood of a fox was a natural aphrodisiac. After Song Ci swallowed the blood, his temperature gradually rose, and his bright eyes misted over. Even his hand movements slackened.

Focused on widening Song Ci’s opening, Rong Bai did not pay any heed to the sensual bite marks Song Ci had left on his neck. Instead, he indulged Song Ci as Song Ci had his way with his body.

It was only when his palms were enveloped with a sticky liquid that Rong Bai let his fingers out of the completely loosened opening and replaced them with his erected penis that had been waiting for a very long time. Searing heat pressed in and stuck to Song Ci’s entrance.

Although Song Ci’s lust was at an all-time high, his brain was still very much sober. Sensing something pressed up against him, he twisted his hip, only to be held down by Rong Bai.

Rong Bai nuzzled the tip of his nose against Song Ci’s nose and whispered, “Xiaosong, I’m going in.”  

Song Ci panted as he uttered a sound of acknowledgment. The next moment, the tip of Rong Bai’s manhood slightly squeezed its way in. 

This thing was thicker than fingers. It was also more ardent than fingers. It had only just entered, and already it made Song Ci pant heavily. He pulled Rong Bai’s neck towards him to exchange a lingering kiss with him.

With utmost patience, Rong Bai endured the pleasure to push his way inside little by little. His body temperature soared. He could even feel the rhythm of the heartbeat in Song Ci’s chest.

Midway through, Song Ci found it hard to bear and let out a groan. Instead of continuing on ahead, Rong Bai began to withdraw. But when he felt Song Ci’s tight inside trying to retain him, he slowly pushed back in again.

Very quickly, the slow back and forth adapted Song Ci to the sensation. He grunted in a small voice as the sound of his breathing interweaved with Rong Bai’s.

Knowing that Song Ci no longer felt as uncomfortable, Rong Bai straightened his waist. Although his rhythm was still slow, his thrust each time went in a little deeper to become as one with that tight and narrow passageway. The desire to possess in his heart swelled to an unprecedented proportion.

Song Ci was very cooperative from start to finish. At the same time he gasped for breath, he tried his best to accept and take Rong Bai in. Just thinking of both of them becoming one filled him with sheer contentment.  

As he thought of it, he began to smile. On seeing him smile, Rong Bai smiled as well. “Happy?” 

Song Ci raised his eyes to look at him. “Master Rong… You know I love you, right?”

Rong Bai was slightly stunned. He had not expected Song Ci to say this out of the blue.

“To tell you the truth, no one has ever valued me as much as you do in all my life.” Song Ci’s eyes arched in a smile. “All the people around me have someone they treasured. I once thought if it was because I was some heinous villain in my past life, that’s why I was doomed to be lonely this life.”

Rong Bai’s breathing suddenly hitched. It was not because his heart was moved, but because his heart inevitably ached when he saw him saying so in such a light, casual tone. 

Rong Bai was very much aware of Song Ci’s inner demons.

Song Ci was not a fragile person. He did not have a breakdown after turning into a demon. Instead, he made the decision to go to the Demon Realm alone to search for the legendary Demon King who would stop at nothing to commit evil. Along the way, all kinds of demons had hunted him down with the intent to kill him. He turned from a pampered young master into a man living on the streets.

The experience thickened his skin, but it had never destroyed his mind.

He was a kind-hearted man when he set out. After meeting Rong Bai, he still had plenty of smiles to share. 

However, such a person could also suffer from inner demons because of the environment he grew up in. It could be seen how deeply those incidents had left a shadow in his heart.

Rong Bai knew this all. So his heart ached to see Song Ci voicing it out in such a nonchalant manner now. He planted a comforting kiss at the side of his lips. 

Song Ci giggled. “But later on, I realized that the reason why I waited so long must be because Heaven knew that I would, one day, meet you. You are too outstanding. If my destiny is to be on an equal footing with you, then I must go through those hardships.”

“Me too.” Rong Bai answered. 

Blue materialized in the depths of his eyes and suddenly washed over his black eyes. His long ink-black hair turned silvery-white as well. It took just an instant for that once renowned and esteemed deity to appear just like this.

Song Ci’s words had struck a chord in the softest part of Rong Bai’s heart. A surge of desire rose in Rong Bai’s eyes. 

Song Ci said he was lucky to have met him. But wasn’t it just the same for Rong Bai? 

With his eyes reflecting Rong Bai’s snow-white hair, Song Ci stretched out his hand to stroke his hair with all the feelings he had. Then he gently touched Rong Bai’s eyelashes with his fingertip.

The next moment, Rong Bai straightened up and thrust all the way in, causing Song Ci to let out a cry of surprise. 

Song Ci had long gotten the hang of it, but it was inserted too deep this time. His opening instinctively tightened, as if it was desperately trying to retain the withdrawing organ. Waves of euphoria washed over him, bringing Song Ci closer to an orgasm. 

He grabbed hold of Rong Bai’s arms feebly and moaned intermittently, “Not… Not so deep …”

Rong Bai, however, was not as gentle and compliant as before. He lowered his head to seal Song Ci’s lips, then began to thrust in and out with an increasingly quickened tempo amid the exchange of their breaths. Both men intertwined tightly together as they scaled to the peak.

This complete possession of Song Ci was Rong Bai’s way of wantonly letting his love loose. His actions allowed for no defiance and resistance as he embraced Song Ci and thrust vigorously. Each time, he buried himself deep, making Song Ci swallow all his sobs back into his belly. 

Rong Bai had never lost control of himself as much as he did at this moment. His breathing struck heavily onto Song Ci’s ear. There was completely no trace of his usual dignity and laziness. It was as if he had been hauled down from the Heavens into the mire of desire to sink into lust together with Song Ci.

Song Ci liked him this way. It was only when Rong Bai was tainted with worldly desires that Song Ci would feel as if he truly possessed this man.

He took the initiative to reach out and embrace Rong Bai as he let out soft gasps and received every one of his thrusts.

But a moment later he cowered back. Stimulated by Song Ci initiative and intimacy, Rong Bai lifted Song Ci’s leg with one hand and held him around his back with the other hand to lift him off the bed. His actions were a little ferocious as he pounded into Song Ci’s rear end. The sound of “papapa” rang out. 

The squishy sound of water permeated the room, turning even the atmosphere scarlet. With no focal point, and with his lower body being savagely assaulted, Song Ci could not help but let out a moan. He pushed Rong Bai with both hands to resist and said, “Put… put me down…” 

Rong Bai complied. After putting him down, he clasped Song Ci’s wrists and pinned them above his head and stared at his raised neck with a burning hot gaze. Then he bent over to nibble it gently at the same time his cock jabbed into an intriguing spot.

Receiving a sudden jab like this caused a soft moan to escape from Song Ci’s mouth. The end of his moan quivered, arousing Rong Bai so much that he could not help but lick his lips as he pounded into that spot with all his might. 

“Ah!” Song Ci writhed as his consciousness began to stray. “Don’t …”

Rong Bai curved his lips into a smile, revealing the canine teeth of a fox. Even as he interlaced his fingers with Song Ci’s, he increased his speed below. He hardly gave Song Ci the chance to catch a breather. Every of his in and out hit Song Ci’s sweet spot with precision.

How could Song Ci withstand such stimulation? His entire body was shuddering from the onslaught of thrusts, and the cries in his mouth rose uncontrollably to a crescendo. Because of the rapid pounding, his fair buttocks was now reddened and flooded with a sticky liquid.

All he could do was to hold Rong Bai’s hands firmly as he jolted amid the huge waves that crashed over him. His consciousness clouded over with one rapid thrust after another, and his voice ran wild as he shouted Rong Bai’s name over and over again.

Rong Bai’s eyes blazed with lust as it reddened. He asked while panting, “What did you just call out?”

“Rong Bai…” Song Ci said. “Tu Shan Rong Bai.” 

Song Ci did not know it yet, but Rong Bai actually hated the addition of the word Tu Shan before his name. It was the place where he was born, but it was also the place he hated most.

Ever since he broke away from the Divine Realm, anyone who called him Tu Shan Rong Bai to his face ended up beheaded.

But the name that Song Ci called out while he was in the throes of passion felt incomparably pleasant to him. His smile brightened in an instant, and he gently kissed Song Ci at the side of his ear, enjoying to his heart’s content as his emotions spiraled out of control again and again.

As he indulged himself inside of Song Ci.

With his body pinned down by Rong Bai, there was no way for Song Ci to hide. As the ecstasy washed over him, he was still forced to keep up with Rong Bai’s manhood bullying him. Unable to endure it any longer, he opened his mouth and bit down on Rong Bai’s shoulder. 

Rong Bai licked Song Ci’s neck and planted a kiss full of love on his collarbone. Without giving Song Ci the chance to catch his breath, his lower body continued to thrust, ruthlessly shoving him towards the culmination of pleasure.

Song Ci moaned aloud in a hoarse voice that sounded as if he was almost in tears. A veil of water covered his beautiful eyes and quietly added a touch of allure to them. He could not even utter a complete sentence, except to urge Rong Bai to hurry.

Rong Bai groped for Song Ci’s cock which had stood erect again while receiving his thrusts and stroked it with quick movements. Caught off guard with the double onslaught of pleasure at both his front and back, Song Ci climaxed. He let out a resounding cry and ejaculated, while his rear opening made a determined effort to contract. Rong Bai seized the opportunity to thrust in even harder, and the watery sound intensified.   

Song Ci let loose a torrent of cries and buried his face into Rong Bai’s neck. His body trembled to the point of convulsion. “Ah… AH!” 

Amid the urgency of his breathing, Rong Bai let out an unbearable growl and plunged all the way to the deepest recess of Song Ci’s body and came completely in him. 

Song Ci hugged Rong Bai. The sweat on his forehead had drenched his hair, and his long eyelashes glistened with water. His entire body felt deprived of strength as he collapsed and lay paralyzed on the bed.

Rong Bai reveled in the lingering sensation of pleasure as he slowly withdrew and thrust up and ejected all his scorching heat into the passageway. Milky liquid came out along with his withdrawal and advancement.

Song Ci groaned softly and tugged at Rong Bai’s snow-white hair in his hand to play with. In a soft and husky voice, he said, “Rest for a while. I can’t take this anymore.”

Rong Bai was a lot more domineering in bed than off bed. He nibbled on Song Ci’s lower lip. “Out of the question. I haven’t had enough.”

“Wait, wait.” Song Ci pressed his palms against his chest, and thickened his skin to act coquettishly, “Come on~ let me catch my breath. I’m so tired.”

The corners of Rong Bai’s lips lifted. The traces of a smile in his eyes spoke of doting adoration. “Did you move that much to feel so tired?”

Song Ci wrapped his arms around Rong Bai’s neck and pulled him down to him. “Can I not feel tired after you’ve tormented me like this? Doesn’t your heart ache for me?”

Rong Bai used the momentum to kiss him. He responded lazily in a nasal voice and with an indulgent smile in his eyes. 

In any case, they had all the time they wanted ahead of them.  

Lianyin’s Notes:
This is the last chapter for FDCM! There might have been some hiccups along the way for the translation of this novel, but to everyone who accompanied Lianyin, Song Ci, and Rong Bai to the end, thank you! There are some loose ends left undone in this novel but some of them might probably see a resolution in the author’s other novels. Song Ci and Rong Bai’s journey together has only just gotten started! While they won’t be the main characters, they will still appear in 《魔尊今天也在逃命4.

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  1. 红盖头 Red veil used to cover the bride’s face during the wedding ceremony. Similar to the white veil used in Western weddings.
  2. 小宋 Xiao Song, or Little Song.
  3. 《魔尊今天也在逃命》 , literally translated as ‘The Devil Lord (Mo Zun) is Fleeing For His Life Again Today’ (JJWXC). It features Ning Shaosi x Lou Muge, and the side pairing of Lu Shaoqing (Big Beard in early chapters) x Qingqiu Cong. Rong Bai and Song Ci, Zhu Yishu and Wen Changchu, along with some other characters in this novel, appear here too.