Right on Target (Zhundian Juji) by Tang Jiuqing

Artificial Intelligence had taken over the New World, with electronic pseudo-gods dominating the high-tech districts and human beings fleeing to the Survival Zones.

Su Heting, having been wounded, underwent modification and became a cat. Uploading his consciousness through the brain-computer interface, he met a man wearing a cross earring.

Gradually, Su Heting suspected he had been invaded by the psyche of the other party. Not only was he always thinking about the latter, even his tail had also begun to cling to the latter on its own initiative.

So-cool-it’s-off-the-charts aloof gong x So-feisty-his-cat-tail-is-sticking-up shou

Unbeatable Killer Punch Team. 1v1, HE.

◆ Top: Xie Zhenshu. Bottom: Su Heting. Fixed CP.
◆ Cyberpunk / Post-apocalyptic / Dystopia
◆ Same series worldview as Time-Limited Hunt.
(Both the MC and ML appear in Time-Limited Hunt, however, according to the author, it’s ok to read this book as a standalone.)

Updates will thus be slow, at least until the novel is completed, to avoid mistranslations due to context (plot changes).
* Book title and titles in the novel may be changed in the future depending on future plot reveals.
* Trigger warnings will be updated here when they appear in the novel, so check back again.
In the meantime, please bear with me, thank you!

◈     ◈     ◈

◆ This is a BL (Yaoi) novel. 
◆ This is an ongoing novel; translation is still ongoing. [Raws on JJWXC
◆ Su Heting and Xie Zhenshu is bae.

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