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Nan Chan
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I have experienced all the eight sufferings1 of this world.
I do not ask for nirvana, but for you.

Wild and hard-to-tame demon (gong) X Cold, ascetic and childish immortal (shou)

1v1, HE.
Carp is gong, gong, gong.
Gong is older, older, older.

The perspective in the story is not fixed; i.e. story is told from both characters’ perspectives.
(A quarter of the story will be flashback; a quarter will be on casework.)


Nan Chan is NOT for everyone due to some of the heavy themes it covers.

  • Novel touches on dark and disturbing themes in certain story arcs. Think child abuse, human trafficking, etc.
  • Has DUBCON aka dubious consent sex between the main couple. If this get your goat, save yourself the unhappiness later and don‘t read the novel.
  • Novel will not hand you all the facts on a silver platter if you like your story all explained and tied up. In fact, you have to read until the very end for everything to actually make sense.

** Some of the terms may be inconsistent throughout. I’ll be re-editing it all to weed out typos, clean up sentences, standardize terms, and such. Please bear with me for now.

◆ This is a BL (Yaoi) novel.
◆ This is a completed novel; translation is completed and undergoing editing. [Raws on JJWXC]
◆ There’s an audio drama (First Season) in Chinese!
Note: the AD was taken down from Mao’erFM due to contract expiry but I’ve left the link in case it return in future.
◆ Carrd: #1, #2

《南禅》第一季 @猫耳FM
《Nan Chan》Season 1 Audio Drama
Cover: Cang Ji x Jing Lin

Physical Copies – Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Morefate

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  1. 八苦, the eight sufferings in life – birth, old age, sickness, death, parting (with loved ones), encounter (with hated ones), unfulfillment (of wishes and desires), and inability to let go.