The Nan Chan fan translation has been taken down as Rosmei has licensed the title for an official English release. More information will be released by the publisher in due time. Please support the official version instead.

Nan Chan
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I have experienced all the eight sufferings1 of this world.
I do not ask for nirvana, but for you.

Wild and hard-to-tame demon (gong) X Cold, ascetic and childish immortal (shou)

1v1, HE.
Carp is gong, gong, gong.
Gong is older, older, older.

The perspective in the story is not fixed; i.e. story is told from both characters’ perspectives.
(A quarter of the story will be flashback; a quarter will be on casework.)

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Nan Chan is NOT for everyone due to some of the heavy themes it covers.

  • Novel touches on dark and disturbing themes in certain story arcs. Think child abuse, human trafficking, etc.
  • Has DUBCON aka dubious consent sex between the main couple. If this get your goat, save yourself the unhappiness later and don‘t read the novel.
  • Novel will not hand you all the facts on a silver platter if you like your story all explained and tied up. In fact, you have to read until the very end for everything to actually make sense.

** Some of the terms may be inconsistent throughout. I’ll be re-editing it all to weed out typos, clean up sentences, standardize terms, and such. Please bear with me for now.

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◆ This is a BL (Yaoi) novel.
◆ This is a completed novel; translation is completed and undergoing editing. [Raws on JJWXC]
◆ There’s an audio drama (First Season) in Chinese!
Note: the AD was taken down from Mao’erFM due to contract expiry but I’ve left the link in case it return in future.
◆ Carrd: #1, #2

《南禅》第一季 @猫耳FM
《Nan Chan》Season 1 Audio Drama
Cover: Cang Ji x Jing Lin

Physical Copies – Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Morefate

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Nan Chan has been licensed by Rosmei.
As such the fan translation has been taken down.
Please support the official version when it’s released.

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  1. 八苦, the eight sufferings in life – birth, old age, sickness, death, parting (with loved ones), encounter (with hated ones), unfulfillment (of wishes and desires), and inability to let go.


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