Guo Tian Men / Through Heaven’s Gate (Tentatively) by Tang Jiuqing

In the twentieth year of Yuanbao, the Bureau of Fate suffered three calamities.
First, Jiang Zhuo descended the mountains.
Second, the evil god(fiend) broke through the seal.
Third, these two were secretly communicating and working in cahoots.

Fake pure-at-heart but real ferocious gong x real insane and ambitious shou
1v1, HE

1. Main Cp: Luo Xu (gong) x Jiang Zhuo (shou). Set in stone.
2. Pretty shou best

Updates will thus be slow, at least until the novel is completed, to avoid mistranslations due to context (plot changes).
* Book title and terms in the novel may be changed in the future depending on future plot reveals.
* Trigger warnings will be updated here when they appear in the novel, so check back again.
In the meantime, please bear with me, thank you!

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