Qiang Jin Jiu Places

This list is from one of the author’s notes in chapter 131. Some of them have not appeared yet, while some that will appear might not be listed here yet. The explanation for this will be posted during the chapter itself in the author’s notes.

List to be updated as the translation progress; names might change too.
Glossary for characters HERE.


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Source: 斟酌文创 @ QJJ Audio Drama S1 (Weibo||Audio Drama)

Overall Map
Detailed Map

Six Prefectures of Zhongbo
Cizhou, Dunzhou, Duanzhou, Dengzhou, Chazhou, Fanzhou
* Huaizhou and Hezhou are not under Zhongbo’s jurisdiction
* Yuzhou, Baimazhou, and Qinzhou are in Juexi

Eight Cities of Qudu
Quancheng (Xue), Dancheng (Pan), Chuncheng (Xi), Chuancheng (Fei),
Dicheng (Hua), Jincheng (Yao), Wucheng (Han), Cuocheng (Wei)
* names in bracket are the clans the cities correspond to *

Five Commanderies of Qidong
Cangjun, Chijun, Cejun, Chujun, Bianjun

Twelve Tribes of Biansha
(As of chapter 131)
Liaoying (Eagle), Gouma (Horse), Hanshe (Snake), Changjiu (Vulture)

Camps of Libei
(As of chapter 131)
Changzhu, Bianbo, Shayi (Sand #1), Sha’er (Sand #2), Shasan (Sand #3),
Three Great Training Divisions of Liuyang