Primer: Qiang Jin Jiu 101

Shen Zechuan doesn’t like your shoes.

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Lawful vs. Common birth
Children in those days were classified according to whether they were a child born to the principal wife or concubines. A lawful son was born by the legal wife (this was the wife who has been officially married into the family, also known as the principal wife). Being the eldest of the legal wife made him the legitimate heir. They also had higher social status and often received better treatment compared to the other common sons born by concubines or mistresses.

Conferred vs. Imperial Princes
– Imperial Princes (i.e. legit princes with the surname Li): Prince Chu, Prince Ning
– Conferred Prince (i.e. princes of other surnames; these are titled and salaried officials of the imperial bureaucracy during the Ming Dynasty with nominal lordship over various fiefs throughout the empire, typically conferred by the Emperor and can be inherited by their descendants, traditionally the eldest son of legitimate/lawful birth.): Prince of Libei, Prince of Jianxing

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