Only published works (also under XiA and Meowmeow) are listed here! More to come soon!

Translation Styles

Admittedly, I translate differently for fan translations and official translations.

For online fan translations, I tend to stick to original Chinese terms like gege, shifu and dish out footnotes if I find that it might be helpful to a non-Chinese reader. This includes cultural tips and the likes so that fans can understand the story better, images to make it easier for fans to visualize, and so on. Fan translations are, after all, a hobby project to me so I tend to be less picky. Also, fan translations will go through a final round of edits based on the uncensored, traditional physical copy of the novel once the translations have been completed, so until then, the translations are a work in progress!

Official works tend to be more streamlined, with the goal of making it read naturally in English with no/minimal footnotes, although I’m also happy to work with different house styles!

I’m open to translating other novels/manhua from other genres too. Feel free to reach out to me at lianyin.yutu[@]gmail.com!