Nan Chan – Chapter 88 : Unpolished Jade

Whatever was left of Jing Lin’s tenets of decorum disintegrated with a “puff”. He suspected he had fallen ill; he actually could not remember what he had learned in the past. He tried to bury his head, but ended up banging his forehead until he saw stars. The words “bedroom pleasures” swam all over his mind, making him dizzy again. 

“You rely on this to bear the weight. Propping it up accentuates how much like a willow your waist is. Outside, I’ll help you to clutch your waist as the onslaught of amassed heat sends all of you rocking. Hair like silk rippled in waves. Skin that is so smooth and tender leaves red marks behind whenever I pinch you, making me afraid that it will even melt in my mouth. Just a few nibbles, and I want to devour it all into my belly.” Cang Ji grasped both of Jing Lin’s wrists and pinned him down to prevent him from fleeing. He breathed into Jing Lin’s ears to burn him up, to shame him. He felt the latter shivered under his body, and yet he had to describe it further in even more obscene details.

“It doesn’t bode well to lie prone. Lift your waist and prop it up with your legs spread open. You just need to kneel and sprawl over, while I exert myself. See how wonderful I am? If you shiver here, the flush of red will spread all the way here.” Cang Ji methodically moved his palm from Jing Lin’s bum to the back of his waist, giving a demonstration like he was an old hand at it as he taught him in all seriousness.

“Once your heart is stirred, you will feel like melting. Your arm will ache after sprawling for a time. So, what if you cannot hold on anymore? Easy. You are so light, I can grab and lift you up with just one arm and turn you around to embrace you. Let you sink into the crooks of my arms, and we will be able to come face to face with one another. And now, you put your legs up. You are so delicate. When the thrusts make you cry, beads of water will fall from your eyes, drop by drop, like a broken string of pearls.” Cang Ji clicked his tongue lightly. “Whether you feel pain or pleasure, go ahead and scream at me. But our Jing Lin is so young and thin-skinned that he likes to cover his face with a hand. Instead of shrieking and moaning, he likes to purr like a cat.” 

“Stop it.” Jing Lin shook his head hard. “I don’t want to listen!” 

“Well, being a teacher is all about patience.” Cang Ji said lazily, “I’m pretty good at narrating, huh? Clear and explicit. If you want to hear more details, call me gege two more times.”

“I don’t want to!” Jing Lin trembled a little. He felt that it was not his elder brother who was pinning him down from behind, but a lascivious debauchee through and through! 

“You have to call even if you don’t want to.” 

“You scoundrel!” Jing Lin’s voice was hoarse. 

“It’s too late to find out now!” Cang Ji propped himself up and observed the pattern on Jing Lin’s back while still speaking. “This scoundrel still has another way to play. That is, you ride on me. Face me if that’s how you like it. Or turn your back to me if you wish to lean in my arms. In any case, when you sit down and clamp your legs down, you will ride your way into climactic waves of ecstasy.” 

With both hands clutching the bedding, Jing Lin struggled and said, “Cao Cang! You and I cannot be brothers any longer!” 

“Sure. Let’s be something else other than brothers.” Cang Ji saw the pattern remained motionless. Jing Lin’s face and ears had gone red from Cang Ji’s narrative. He was trembling and burning up, but the medicine did not act up again like it did earlier. Cang Ji could not help but frown, unable to fathom what exactly the spell was sealing.  

Had he really guessed wrong?

Jing Lin’s back heaved with each breath he took. He gradually curled his legs up, unwilling to let Cang Ji pin him down. Sensing the oddness of his action, Cang Ji pressed his leg down against the inside of Jing Lin’s thighs and pry them apart to probe.

“I’m indeed a big scoundrel.” Cang Ji’s voice paused. He continued, “And you are a little scoundrel.” 

With Cang Ji rubbing against his hardened part below, Jing Lin’s exposed ears flushed so red that they were almost dripping blood. When he heard Cang Ji’s words, he suddenly turned his eyes and looked at Cang Ji with resentment and shame. A layer of watery mist glistened in his eyes. 

“I don’t want…” The coldness in Jing Lin’s expression crumbled as the ice and snow melted away into inexperience and awkwardness. He said helplessly and confusedly to Cang Ji, “… It hurts…”

A tingling numbness suddenly ran down Cang Ji’s back. It was so numbing that it made him lose control of his strength, causing him to grasp Jing Lin’s wrist so hard that they reddened. Even he himself could no longer hold out against it. 

Jing Lin had never done it before. The word “abstinence” had been deeply ingrained in him. How could the word or two he had heard from his various brothers be compared to Cang Ji in its intensity? The immaturity he concealed in the stone figure was dissected open and presented before Cang Ji’s eyes like an unpolished jade.

This was the Lord Linsong that only one man in the world had ever seen.

Yet, Cang Ji wanted to bite him. He wanted to use ten thousand sufficiently licentious ways to bite him. The veins on Cang Ji’s arms bulged slightly, and his breathing grew heavier. All he could think of was to take this alarmed and frightened Jing Lin, who was huffing damp air, into his arms and used the ways he had spoken of earlier to teach him merriment!

Nevertheless, Cang Ji moved his hands extremely gently. He released Jing Lin’s wrists and covered Jing Lin’s eyes, which were, at the moment, snaring him out of the remainder of his life. 

“… It’s not pain.” Cang Ji’s throat tightened. He regained his composure and said, “This is human nature. Your brothers know it too. Even Lord Jiutian cannot escape from it. No one told you about this before because they are incompetent. They are all bastards. Let me relieve you. Let me lead you. Alright?”

The tip of Jing Lin’s damp and warm nose nudged against Cang Ji’s palm like a little wild beast at a loss. Cang Ji pulled up the hem of Jing Lin’s clothes, tugged the edge of his pants down, and reached in. 

◈     ◈     ◈

A long time later, Jing Lin’s temples were soaked with sweat. His hair had gone disheveled from being scraped against, and one of his shoes had also fallen off his lifted legs. Cang Ji wiped his hand and heaved a sigh. 

He was not the one who had been pleasured. Yet his back was drenched in sweat. 

Cang Ji turned over and squeezed Jing Lin further in. This couch was narrow and small, so all he had to do was to turn around and he would have been able to take in the entire sight of a Jing Lin who had lost control of himself. 

“This is called playing with a horsetail whisk.”1 Cang Ji pinched Jing Lin’s chin with his long fingers and shook it gently. “The meaning of the word is implicit. You’ve truly taken full advantage of me now. This is what having a jolly good time is. With such a sleight of hand.”

Jing Lin, Jing Lin. These eyes even looked as though they had rained.

Cang Ji stared at him and listened as his panting gradually calmed. The fair face that was resting on a pillow of black hair gazed at him so helplessly that it was a little pitiful. Jing Lin’s legs had gone soft. He used to fight ten rounds with others in the past, and even so, he could not withstand a round of teasing under the fingers. 

Cang Ji buried his head into the side of Jing Lin’s neck and exhaled deeply. He reached out his arms to embrace him and said, “When we get out, go home with me, alright? Not as brothers. Anything else is fine.” 

Jing Lin did not answer, and Cang Ji did not press him further. They depended on each other in this desolate spot in Heaven and Earth, and leaned against each other in this deserted dead town with only the sounds of each other’s breathing in their ears. Cang Ji gradually closed his eyes, as if he had fallen asleep. Jing Lin grabbed his clothes with his fingertips, but Cang Ji turned his palm over and held his hand instead. 

Jing Lin gazed at the roof, feeling as though he had lost something. Those things did not fall far. Instead, they were on Cang Ji. But he could no longer get them back. 

◈     ◈     ◈

It was dark and overcast in the Blood Sea. After a night, its evil aura had increased so much that it hid everything from view until it was hard for the human eye to distinguish Heaven from Earth. Evil spirits wandered over. A commotion rang out in the far distance, making such a din that one could not sleep in peace.

Cang Ji pushed the floating plank aside with his foot and said, “Waiting for him for a night was indeed the right choice.”

Jing Lin focused his eyes for a look. The corpses on the river surface had all dissolved away until there was practically nothing left. Not even a body remained. It was not just the riverway; even the corpses in the town had all disappeared overnight. 

“They have been eaten by ‘him.’” Jing Lin clenched his sword. “The evil spirits left the bodies behind to feed him.”

“His progress was slow in the past as the encroachment of the Blood Sea tides depends fully on the terrains. But now, he is in such a hurry to go all around devouring. Most likely, he has arrived at a transcension stage and is in urgent need of blood and flesh.” 

“I find that he acts in a methodical way.” Saying that, Jing Lin took a few steps back and used the sheath of his sword to draw it out in the yellow sand for Cang Ji. “That day, he first attacked the City of Huaishu City and cut off the beacon tower. Then, before the news could be delivered, he gushed over to Qixing Town in a hurry and enveloped both places in his embrace and devoured them clean. If I hadn’t decided to go to the City of Huaishu City at the last minute, then the news would have been completely cut off in the south. With the lack of communication between them, the City of Xuanyang would be in danger. “

“By this reckoning, perhaps he could not control his own movements in the past. He was unable to manipulate this ‘Blood Sea’ body freely.” Cang Ji looked at the drawing in the sand and said, “He has only two places to be in—hide among the crowd, or lay hidden in the Blood Sea. There is already an emergency of food shortage in the east. Countless commoners remain there under the protection of the phoenix. It’s a place that’s easily susceptible to attacks. But he just had to make a detour to the south and gnaw on all the tough nuts of the Ninth Heaven Sect’s garrison. Why? Because he’s about to transcend. Cultivators are far more alluring to him than commoners.” 

“He is so clear about the organization and setups of Ninth Heaven Sect.” Jing Lin’s expression was heavy. “He’s hiding among the crowd.”

“If he’s hiding among the mortals, then he would be far from Ninth Heaven Sect. There would be no way he would know of the deployments to the frontline at the borders. So, he can only hide himself in Ninth Heaven Sect.” Cang Ji rubbed the yellow sand and said, “He’s perhaps even right next to you.”

This conjecture was simply too spine-chilling.

Jing Lin said, “The evil aura of the Blood Sea is overpowering. If he’s in Ninth Heaven Sect, then how could he have fooled the eyes of millions of people?” 

“He even managed to cast a spell on you, so it isn’t unusual for him to be able to conceal himself.” Cang Ji patted away the sand. “Initially, I thought there was something wrong with the pills they gave you, and that was the reason for the seal in you. But then, it doesn’t feel like it. Because your brothers and the others will consume this medicine too. There’s no reason for something that anyone can pick at random to affect only you. Furthermore, this medicine is potent; that’s makes it easy for others to detect. I also thought about who could put this spell on you. But this spell is too strange. It’s only kissing you that’s prohibited. But go one step further, and it remains unmoved. That makes it hard to fathom exactly what its purpose is. But this is sufficient enough to prove that villains abound everywhere around you. None of them are good.” 

Jing Lin looked at him. Cang Ji said, “Only I dote on you the most. So why are you still not leaving with me?”

Jing Lin said, “You are always deceiving me.”

“Put yourself in anyone’s embrace and they will all want to tease you for fun.” Cang Ji said, “There’s blood in this sand. An evil spirit was here last night.”

“Our auras were never concealed. Yet the evil spirit passed through this place soundlessly.” Jing Lin exchanged gazes with Cang Ji. He said, “Unless it skirted around us on intention.”

“Then that’s interesting.” Cang Ji said, “The greed form can’t let go, while the evil form is bloodthirsty by nature. The Blood Sea is at the crucial juncture of transcension where it is in urgent need of cultivators’ blood and flesh. Yet, it silently sidestepped us. Don’t tell me evil spirits can be so considerate to the extent that they know not to intrude while I was teaching by words and example?”

“It recognized us.” Jing Lin mused. “It knows who I am, and who you are.” 

Cang Ji thought, you don’t even know who I am, so how would it… That’s not right.

Cang Ji gradually began to unravel a thread of clue. He squinted slightly and rubbed the grains of sand with his fingertips as he thought back to that night in the City of Xuanyang. As soon as he and Jing Lin entered the city, they went to observe Shuran’s seal. At that time, the cinnabar on the seal was still distinct. It was clearly secure and indestructible. Yet, an anomaly occurred that night. Not only did the Blood Sea come following in tight pursuit, even Shuran escaped without cause or reason. How did the seal break? What’s more, it just had to happen at the critical juncture of Jing Lin’s transcension. The Blood Sea amassed into a form he had never seen before and lured him deep into it one step at a time. How would it have dared to do so if not for knowing that he was canglong with this special ability? They lured him away, then the Blood Sea engulfed the City of Xuanyang. And so Jing Lin, who was immersed in his spiritual sea, was trapped with no way to escape.

The target of the Blood Sea had been Jing Lin all along!

“He keeps pursuing you relentlessly, parading himself before you in every way possible.” Cang Ji sneered, “I followed you all the way closely and never let you out of my sight all precisely to guard against this kind of pompous thing.”

But Jing Lin raised his index finger at him.

Displeased, Cang Ji grabbed his finger in his palm and said, “What about my scolding him?”

Jing Lin turned his head slightly and swept his eyes around the deserted sandy town. He said, “He’s the Blood Sea, and we are in his body. Every move we made, every word we say…” 

Cang Ji immediately said in a cold voice, “I have longed thought of the possibility that he is a pervert, so I kept a barrier up for the whole night. Is he even worthy to listen to me romancing another? He’s not even fit to call me grandpa!”

He had only just said then when he heard the “bang bang” of something being struck from the house behind them as someone crashed into a wooden plank. An emaciated arm rose from the sand.

A girl child whimpered in a small voice, “… Help.” 

All at once, Yan Quan’s sheath landed on the ground. The very instant the sandstorm surged, the voice and the arm vanished.

Dead silence descended all around them. Even the wind ceased. 

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  1. 弄拂尘 literally playing with a horsetail whisk (or a duster). Like, think of the hand movements when you keep flicking or dusting with a horsetail whisk like you would with a duster. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)