Nan Chan – Chapter 111 : Stirrings Of Desire


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At night, the north wind assailed the windows as Jing Lin simmered strong tea on the stove. The mud-brown tea started boiling, and Jing Lin grabbed the pot to pour a cup of tea.

Cang Ji skirted around the steam and tasted the tea from Jing Lin’s hand. It was so bitter that there was nowhere to put his tongue, so he hurriedly sought Jing Lin’s lips. Both men shared this mouthful of tea, their mouths steeped in bitterness and aroma.

“Drinking strong tea at night.” Cang Ji chased after his lips for a few more samplings. “Do you not want to sleep?”

Jing Lin beat a retreat again and again until he was pressing up against the table edge. He said, “I thought back to Dong Jun’s speech and behavior, and I have the sense that things aren’t that simple. Zong Yin has the power to redeploy the wind and rain in this place. If he had really left, then there shouldn’t be such a heavy snowfall in the east.”

“What’s more, he was originally an hai jiao. The thornier the issues he encounters, the more he should remain in the eastern sea.” Cang Ji held on to the table edge and moved in close to Jing Lin until they could hear each other breathing. “But he might not necessarily be willing to meet us, especially tonight.”

“What’s special about tonight?” Jing Lin was perplexed. “If it’s a thorny issue, then it shouldn’t be delayed.”

“In the ‘sufferings’ we have experienced in the past, the sufferers themselves often don’t know that they are the ‘suffering’. The same goes for Zong Yin. Since he doesn’t know it, then he won’t be thinking of asking us for help. What’s more, he might still not know who you and I are.” Cang Ji grasped Jing Lin’s teacup and sniffed it. “Why do I still feel a bitter taste in my mouth?”

Jing Lin reflected upon it on the tip of his tongue and said in puzzlement, “The taste is long gone.”

Cang Ji set the teacup aside and said to him, “Taste it yourself.”

With his palms pressing against Cang Ji’s chest, and with his eyes – with its corners reddened – glistening, Jing Lin lifted his head slightly to give Cang Ji a peck on the lips. As he withdrew, Cang Ji stopped his retreat with a palm and said, “How is this a tasting? Can’t even taste a thing.”

Jing Lin said, “I’ve tasted it!”
“Is it bitter?” Cang Ji probed.

“Bitter.” Jing Lin answered quickly. 

Cang Ji let out a scornful laugh. Got you now. Holding down the back of Jing Lin’s head, he kissed him for a moment, then said, “Who are you bluffing? There’s no longer any taste!”

Jing Lin had tumbled a few rounds with Cang Ji on the ground earlier, and now, they were leaning against the table, inseparable from each other. The table was pushed until it shifted backward, and the teacup teetered and fell over. With nimble movements, Jing Lin held down the teapot. Cang Ji edged his way along Jing Lin’s wrist to the teapot, then picked Jing Lin up.

“Forget about sleeping.” Cang Ji moved down along Jing Lin’s neck and said in a raspy voice, “Play with me.”

Cang Ji buried his face in Jing Lin’s neck and breathed deeply. His entire body was taut with tension as he bit that tender flesh on the neck, causing Jing Lin to shiver. Even a slight pinch at Jing Lin’s waist as Cang Ji caressed his back would send a shiver rippling through him. 

Jing Lin’s breathing was uneven as he reached out his arms in a fluster, but there was nothing for him to grab on to. 

Cang Ji caught his fumbling hands, pulled them towards his own chest, and led him to pull at his own clothes.

“No…” Jing Lin began, but Cang Ji cut him off with a kiss. Jing Lin mumbled through the kiss, “I… don’t want.” 

“I don’t want.” Cang Ji pressed Jing Lin’s palms at random over his abdomen, then chased after Jing Lin’s ears as the latter tried to duck. He imitated him shamelessly. “I don’t want I don’t want.”

Jing Lin’s ear was taken in. Puffs of Cang Ji’s damp and hot breaths dug right into his ears, burning him up until he could barely think and felt weak all over. He let out a few gasps as Cang Ji licked and nibbled away at his ear. He was already half lying on the bed.

Cang Ji used a little force and wedged his way in between Jing Lin’s legs. He stroked Jing Lin’s hair with one hand and caressed the back of Jing Lin’s waist with the other. The fabric wrinkled into a ball in his palm and fell apart after he pushed it up.

Jing Lin turned as soft as a mass of clouds, then as wet as a fog of mist. His slightly raised and quivering neck was a temptation that roused in Cang Ji the desire to bite it. Cang Ji kissed it. A blush gradually washed over Jing Lin, like red-colored rainwater blossoming on light and thin rice paper. It turned him into the under-ripe lotus blossom in the violent storm. Pry it apart, and there were still traces of ivory white to be seen, but its tips were already so flushed it would not hold up to another bout of caresses. 

Cang Ji reached his long fingers into Jing Lin’s mouth and created havoc within like the mean scoundrel he was. Long fingers clamped down on Jing Lin’s soft tongue, soaking in Jing Lin’s saliva, causing such a disturbance that Jing Lin had to strain to swallow and spit. The blush crept up Jing Lin’s face.

An agonized sigh escaped from Cang Ji’s throat. Jing Lin’s obliviousness had already ripped away his human heart. A demon greedily invaded and retreated between Jing Lin’s lips and tongue. He longed so much to make Jing Lin cry and scream right this very moment. 

Cang Ji extracted his fingers and took in the fingertips of one of his soaked fingers into his own mouth. Jing Lin gazed at him as he gasped for air with his tongue concealed between his lips. Cang Ji propped up one arm, generously exposing his arm. He sucked away the saliva from the fingertip, then reached his fingers towards the edge of his remaining pants.

Jing Lin suddenly raised his arms to cover his face. Cang Ji merely laughed and said, “Are you watching or not? If you don’t watch it now, you’ll hardly get the chance to in the future.” 

As Cang Ji spoke, he lifted his knee to get on the bed. He pushed Jing Lin’s legs open with his legs and half-kneeled between Jing Lin’s legs. Each time Jing Lin shifted back, Cang Ji advanced until Jing Lin bumped into the wall. Cang Ji took a bite of Jing Lin’s wrist, nudged aside Jing Lin’s arm with his head, and pressed his forehead against Jing Lin’s forehead. 

“Since you’ve licked your saliva to me.” Cang Ji pulled down the top of his pants a little, and those long fingers, moistened with Jing Lin’s saliva, wrapped around his already hardened shaft. Cang Ji half-closed his eyes. “Then I’ll teach you a way not to waste it.”

Jing Lin’s throat went dry. He had no way of escape.

Cang Ji began to stroke himself. His breathing gradually intensified. Both of them were so close they could hear each other’s breaths. Their lips were almost touching, but Cang Ji did not kiss Jing Lin. He rubbed the saliva on his vital part and began to slide up and down while baring himself before Jing Lin like this.

Jing Lin felt intoxicated; his body and consciousness were both floating. He gazed unblinkingly at Cang Ji and listened to Cang Ji’s gasps in his ears, feeling as if he had turned into a bad egg.

Cang Ji had not done this for a very long time. And it was even Jing Lin who gave him a hand the last time. At that time, he was still a fish. Now, he had plenty of ways to pleasure himself. But he was not willing to. Like a masochist, he stroked it, kept it erected, let the viscous fluid on the tip of his manhood wet his palm, but he wouldn’t ejaculate.

“I.” Cang Ji hissed vaguely at Jing Lin. Then, as if harboring evil designs, he said, “I love you.”

Jing Lin’s face and ears swiftly flushed red.

Cang Ji panted and stared into his eyes as his hand gradually built up speed. He said, “I miss you so much. In the north, when I couldn’t… get to see you. How can I miss you so much? How can I yearn so much to pry your legs open and thrust all the way into you?”

Jing Lin said in a trembling voice, “Shut… shut up…” 
“That, I can do.” Cang Ji barked out a laugh. “Want to make love to me?”

Jing Lin found all the words Cang Ji said to be scalding water that sent tremors through him as they poured into his ears. Cang Ji pressed against him and took his lips in, his shoulders and arms going even more taut with tension as he gasped. His thrill of being on the fringe of orgasm washed over to Jing Lin, too. 

Jing Lin’s lips were sucked by Cang Ji so hard that smooching sounds could be heard. His legs felt a little sore, and his exposed neck was imprinted all over with the marks Cang Ji left behind as he claimed his territory. The tears in Jing Lin’s eyes glistened so much that Cang Ji had no choice but to press down on the summit of his manhood with his thumb, triggering a wave of numbness at the sides on the back of his waist.1 

Cang Ji released his hand and caressed Jing Lin’s neck and back with fingers that had been soaked in musky-smelling fluid. Jing Lin’s fair skin had taken on a hue of red. He gently hooked Cang Ji’s little finger and kissed Cang Ji’s lips with reckless abandon.

Cang Ji pulled Jing Lin’s legs over to set Jing Lin beneath him. He shoved away the messy articles of clothing, and his long fingers probed their way to its destination. Jing Lin wrapped his arms around Cang Ji’s neck. His hair was already all scattered over the bedding. As that fingertip pressed its way in, he could not help but frown. 

Cang Ji kissed him and buried his finger inside, along with his finger knuckle. It was so tight inside that Jing Lin’s muscled walls – and consequently, buttocks – spasmed in an attempt to eject his intruding finger.

Cang Ji was very gentle. Under Jing Lin’s teary gaze, he moved at a speed that was neither too fast nor too slow. He was clearly so hard that it was hurting. He wanted to plunge in and thrust until Jing Lin was both in pain and pleasure. However, his heart was already aching again, having been smashed into pieces and melted into a muddle by Jing Lin’s words tonight. How he hated not being able to take in all of Jing Lin to coax him. He did not want Jing Lin to suffer even the tiniest bit of hurt.

“Tender tofu.”2 Cang Ji’s voice was hoarse. As he probed his way in, he said to Jing Lin, “Soft white jade.3 What is my Jing Lin actually transformed from?”

Jing Lin raised his neck and struggled to gasp for breath. His words broke up. “No… I’m not…”

The greater part of two of Cang Ji’s fingers had already been buried inside him. Cang Ji’s finger knuckles scraped against the inner walls as they searched the spot. He bit Jing Lin’s chin and said, “You crave me.” 

Jing Lin’s back tingled with numbness from the bite. His opening tightened around those fingers. With his tears almost spilling out, he said helplessly to Cang Ji, “No… I don’t.”

Cang Ji fixed his eyes on him, looking so fierce it was as if he could devour him. He said, “You entice me like a piece of meat, smelling all so aromatic and being all so springy to the bite. Yet you still say you don’t crave for me?”

As Cang Ji spoke, his finger knuckles started grinding. Jing Lin’s fingers immediately dug into the back of Cang Ji’s shoulder. He could not even answer back. But even though Jing Lin could not utter a word, his long legs were clinging to Cang Ji’s narrow waist, shivering ever so slightly. His eyes were shut, but it was hard to tell from the expression on his face if he was pleasured or in pain. He sucked in a breath of air, and Cang Ji claimed his lips to stop him from doing so, so Jing Lin could only put up with the onslaught of sensations as he tensed hard around those relentless fingers.

The prodding fingers gradually softened the passageway. It was hot and tight inside. Cang Ji extracted his fingers. With Jing Lin’s arms over him, he pushed Jing Lin’s knees up high. The scalding hot tip of his manhood pressed against Jing Lin’s entrance. Cang Ji kissed Jing Lin and coaxed, “You have to praise me when you feel pleasured later.”

Without waiting for Jing Lin’s answer, he nudged the summit of his manhood – slicked with pre-cum – against Jing Lin’s soft and tender opening, and slowly buried the extreme end inside. 

Jing Lin’s back tensed. The words spilled out of his mouth, “Too… big…” 

Cang Ji’s sweat trickled down along his temples. He fondled the base of Jing Lin’s thighs and licked away at him until Jing Lin’s toes curled back. He embedded himself inside, with his tip gradually pushing the inner walls open. The tightness around his manhood shot a wave of numbness through him. Supporting Jing Lin by the back, Cang Ji scooped him up into an embrace in his arms, his heart melting away at Jing Lin’s sucks and bites. 

The tears in the corners of Jing Lin’s eyes tumbled off like pearls as he took in this searing heat and hardness and bit down on the tip of Cang Ji’s ear in an act indistinguishable between coquettishness or shamelessness. 

Cang Ji wanted to laugh. He trapped Jing Lin in the bedding, his powerful waist rocking slowly. Jing Lin bit and sucked the tip of Cang Ji’s ear even as gasps that sounded like the wet, sticky whimpers of a little beast escaped between his teeth. 

Cang Ji ramped up his strength in the increasingly softened cavity. He held down Jing Lin’s back with one hand and supported Jing Lin’s leg with the other, and began to pound with wild abandon on the cramped bed. Jing Lin’s waist and buttocks knocked and scraped against the bedding until they were red. The roots of his legs were flushed, as were his face, neck, and chest. Cang Ji’s sweat drenched him as skin rubbed slickly against skin under the sound of pounding flesh. Gradually, Jing Lin began to lose his grip on Cang Ji.

“Our Jing Lin.” Cang Ji caressed him hard. “… is so obedient, so good at taking me in.”

Jing Lin spasmed uncontrollably. He felt as if he was soaking in tidal waves that slapped at him, invading him. This was different from all the assaults in the past; he could not even reach for his sword. His palms caressed Cang Ji’s shoulders and cheeks as if at a loss. The thrusts made his body rock like waves and his hair billow like ripples.

“I love you.” Cang Ji pulled out more than half of his member and asked, “Marry me, alright?”

Jing Lin curled his legs up and shook his head to say, “Scoundr…”

Cang Ji abruptly shoved all the way in and thrust so hard against Jing Lin that the impact even sent the bed rocking. He turned his head to take the tip of Jing Lin’s finger into his mouth and gnawed on it. Yet his thrusts below drove Jing Lin to sobs.

“Alright?” Cang Ji covered Jing Lin with his body and pinned Jing Lin down, almost as if he was going to break him. “Alright?”

Jing Lin’s buttocks were trembling. He had gone so weak in the legs that he could not even curl up and was barely hanging on to Cang Ji’s shoulders. He held on to Cang Ji’s arm, feeling that he was a goner. The fear of being on the verge of death overtook him. He shuddered and called out in a hoarse voice, “… Alright…?” 

Cang Ji caressed Jing Lin’s cheek with his thumb and kissed him fiercely. Jing Lin could hardly breathe with his mouth locked in the kiss, so all he could do was to shed tears. He clutched Cang Ji’s arms helplessly. The vision in his half-narrowed eyes was swimming. The thrusts made his muscles spasm, and he ejaculated onto Cang Ji’s abdomen, soaking it.

This one bite made Cang Ji raise his neck. He released Jing Lin’s lips and gasped heavily for breath. 

Having gotten his chance to breathe, Jing Lin’s chest heaved violently. His shivers had yet to recede, and Cang Ji was thrusting away at him with such ferocity that Jing Lin grunted and pleaded, “Too fierce… Ge… Gege!”

Cang Ji suddenly grabbed Jing Lin’s chin and stared at Jing Lin with eyes that had reddened from the torment of holding it in. As Cang Ji continued his onslaught of thrusts, Jing Lin clung on to his arms and dug his fingers painfully into them. Waves of euphoria crashed over him, making his head spin. He could not take it anymore. Even his cries and screams were no longer distinguishable from each other. Amidst his chorus of “gege”, Cang Ji finally came inside of him—filling him completely and thoroughly. 

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This is the uncensored version.

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  1. 腰眼 either side of the small of the back

  2. Tofu, or beancurd, is known to be very silky and tender. Tofu can be used to describe skin, i.e., soft and smooth like tofu.
  3. 白玉 white jade; but also an analogy for tofu. Maybe Jing Lin is actually tofu in disguise. (・_・ヾ