Nan Chan – Chapter 109 : Term of Address

Jing Lin suddenly leaned back, with the back of his shoulders sticking to the wall. He did not want to talk, so the little stone figure pushed his head up against his sleeve opening, trying to pop out to alleviate this embarrassment he had stashed away deep down.

Cang Ji was well aware of that and merely said, “A promise is worth a thousand gold. Are you trying to renege on your words?”

“Where do I bite?” Jing Lin asked.

“Arm.” Cang Ji paused for a moment, then added, “Too common. Let’s do the fingers.”

Jing Lin felt that there were many differences between the present Cang Ji and Cang Ji of the past. These differences were gradually revealed through the expression in Cang Ji’s eyes and Cang Ji’s words. Jing Lin found them extremely familiar, and yet he was also vaguely powerless against them. Cang Ji seemed to be incomparably familiar with his weak spots and concealments. The more he closed in on him, the more unstoppable he was.

As if enlightening Jing Lin on matters Jing Lin did not understand, this fat fish turned all the half-assed amorous techniques Jing Lin knew into an infantile joke—childish and inexperienced.

Everything that Cang Ji did not understand, was a piece of cake to Cangdi.

A year ago, they could be said to be diametrically opposed to each other. Although the newly evolved brocade crap was full of vigor and spirit, he was rash and blunt. But now, he has changed his ways of going on the offensive, becoming as unfathomable as the fog. Furthermore, he had reversed the roles between Jing Lin and him, having Lin’s weakness all worked out.

“Opening your mouth a little will suffice.” Cang Ji instructed with tireless zeal. He wiped two fingers clean and said in his usual tone, “Bite for a little while.”

Jing Lin grasped the stone in his sleeve and said, “You have to tell me the truth.”

“Of course.” Cang Ji changed his sitting posture and squeezed in before Jing Lin, with the cushion serving as the barrier between them.

Jing Lin’s expression was calm. As Cang Ji moved his fingers towards him, he hesitated for a moment.

Propping up his head with a hand, Cang Ji waved his fingers slightly and said, “I feel apologetic since I’m usually the one who bites you, so I’ve specially picked an opportunity to let you take a bite to satisfy your cravings. Such an opening is pretty rare. Come on.”

Jing Lin skeptically opened his mouth a little and probed Cang Ji’s expression with his eyes. It was only when he saw Cang Ji entirely at ease that he bit down on the latter’s fingertips between his teeth.

Cang Ji said, “Bite for a while. I’m delving in.”
Fingers sank into soft, wet lips and tongue as he slowly buried the first two segments of his finger knuckles within.

It was so warm and so soft it was a complete mess.

Cang Ji’s throat went dry. He restrained himself and did not stir. Instead, he said with even more normalcy, “Are they obstructing your tongue? I wasn’t paying attention. If it feels uncomfortable, then go around the fingers.”

Jing Lin’s eyes remained calm. Sure enough, the tip of his tongue clung to Cang Ji’s fingers and made a detour around it. But his mouth was only this big, so where on earth would there still be any space left with the long fingers obstructing him? Thus, the tip of his tongue carefully scouted its way back.

Experiencing this soft, gentle lick, Cang Ji said, “Aren’t you going to bite me? Use some strength.”

Jing Lin bit down on Cang Ji’s fingers between his teeth, but those fingers bumped into the inner walls of his oral cavity. Cang Ji’s fingertips scraped slowly against those walls. Jing Lin suddenly felt a little shiver and moved backward with the intent to spit out the fingers.

But Cang Ji pressed against him to keep him in position. This scraping motion threw Jing Lin’s breathing into disarray. Sparks of numbness shot up in him. He half-opened his mouth, and his vividly red tongue pushed against Cang Ji’s fingers at a loss.

Cang Ji finally spoke. He said, “Of course we know each other. One thousand and four hundred years ago…” He paused for a moment, then asked, “Do you want to listen?”

Jing Lin found it inappropriate to nod or shake his head. Cang Ji had already taken his silence as tacit permission.

“It’s a long story.” Cang Ji frowned slightly and said, “Have I extended them too deeply?”

Those fingers backed a little, then thrust in again. Cang Ji had an excellent grasp of his limits. He seemed oblivious to Jing Lin’s gradually glazing over eyes, yet he was staring at Jing Lin every single moment.

The sensation of soft flesh being rubbed, coupled with Cang Ji’s brazen gaze, made Jing Lin feel particularly ashamed. Jing Lin’s back was pressing against the carriage’s wall, yet it seemed as if he was being fondled by Cang Ji. Saliva seeped through his mouth, reddening it. His Adam’s apple throbbed as he attempted to prevent the saliva from trickling out.

This is killing me.

Cang Ji could not even make out what he was saying. He could not move his eyes away at all. The way Jing Lin looked as if he found it unbearable, as he strained himself, was the catalyst that sent Cang Ji’s mind wandering in a totally different direction. He almost wanted to fish out a book of Buddhist scriptures to recite.

Jing Lin was so roused that he was now huffing, and a hint of desire seemed to break through the ice in his eyes. His neck was now flushed red. He looked at Cang Ji like he was enduring it in silence. Little would he know that this would not give Cang Ji the intent to show mercy at all.

Cang Ji suddenly pulled out his fingers. Both fingers were wet. His throat tightened. Even his abdomen was burning up. He thought that this was because he had not been a scoundrel for a very long time. He should have pushed his luck even more and used his chest to wall in Jing Lin in this cramped space. He should go all out to fondle Jing Lin, then make Jing Lin hurt and cry over and over again.

Jing Lin suddenly raised his arm to hide his face. Cang Ji stared at him, and a laugh inexplicably escaped his mouth.

“There’s actually something I’ve been hiding from you for a long time.” Cang Ji caressed Jing Lin’s face with the hand that was not dampened with saliva. “Do you want to know?”

The blush on Jing Lin’s neck had yet to fade. He demanded, “How is this a bite?!”

“You were the one who licked.” Cang Ji lifted two of the fingers and said evilly, “I said ‘bite’. You are the one who couldn’t bear to bite me. And you are also the one who licked me until you drive me crazy. Jing Lin, I feel so wronged.”

Jing Lin was about to speak, but stopped.

Cang Ji scoffed, “I thought you were bold. How is it that you still have to use the stone just to say something? What are you calling it out for? It is you to begin with.”

Jing Lin said, “I’m not.”

“You are not?” Cang Ji suddenly pressed close to him. He said, “But I still don’t want to let it out today.”

The stone in Jing Lin’s sleeve rolled a few rounds in succession. Jing Lin asked, “What are you hiding from me?”

“I’m hiding an earth-shattering matter from you.”

“I don’t believe you.” Jing Lin paused, feeling as if he had said this word before.

“Whether you believe it or not is up to you. Whether to say it or not lies with me.” Cang Ji said.

“Then say it.” Jing Lin said.

“If I tell you this easily.” Cang Ji bumped his forehead against Jing Lin’s forehead. “Then wouldn’t I lose out?”

“I’ve noticed…” Jing Lin said, “… that you have made a lot of progress.”

“You tricked me before into believing that I was a dumb fish.” Cang Ji said, “It’s too late to regret it now.”

Jing Lin wanted to sneer, but Cang Ji pinched both of his cheeks.

“I noticed it too.” Cang Ji said in a deep voice.

Jing Lin said, “Noticed what?”

“That you are so heartless towards me.” Cang Ji said wistfully, “Lord Linsong turned his back on me after bedding me. Haven’t you ever heard of the saying that a wife who has gone through hardships with her husband must never be cast aside?”

Jing Lin immediately had some doubts. He said: “I don’t remember we…”

“You said it yourself that you don’t remember.” Cang Ji moved away and leaned beside Jing Lin.

Jing Lin composed himself for a long time, then suddenly turned to the side and looked at Cang Ji solemnly to ask, “Tell me. Were we really married before?”

Fiddling with the luminous pearl, Cang Ji glanced at Jing Lin and said, “Don’t you feel a sense of familiarity when you were making merry with me? You see, from the moment we stripped, it was simply a matter of letting nature take its course. Last time when you…” The moment his tongue slowed, his words turned ambiguous and tantalizing. “… gave me a hand, didn’t you find the size to be the right fit and took to it like a fish to water?”

Jing Lin was flustered. He steadied his voice and said, “My past is as clear as day. And I had no recollection of this love relationship with you while in Wangchuan River, either.”

“There’s nothing like a stab to the heart with words like this.” Cang Ji lowered his head to gaze at the luminous pearls between his fingers. “The person who saved you is also the person who saved me. Putting you and me together shows that he is very well aware of the secret behind this matter. How about this? To prove that I’m your real husband, I’ll say a few more words to you again. “

Jing Lin pricked up his ear to listen carefully.

“You have a scar on your back from the past. There’s one that runs half-an-inch above the dimples on your lower back.1 We made love once, and I touched it once.” The corners of Cang Ji’s lips curled up as he spoke. “The warm water swooshed so much that it stirred up waves. So I held both of your legs with both of my arms. I had to pinch you gently, because you were always calling out for me to ‘be a little gentler’. You used to love me so much that you never addressed me as the Cangdi. “

Half-believing and half-doubting him, Jing Lin asked, “Then, what did I call you?”

Cang Ji curbed his wicked expression and said solemnly, “You always call me gege.”

Jing Lin looked at him in silence, then leaned forward a little and said, “You’re lying.”

Cang Ji let Jing Lin looked all he wanted and asked in return, “Was my description wrong? If you don’t believe it, then try calling it out a few times.”

Jing Lin said, “I don’t want to.”
Cang Ji said, “You have even called me mother. Hurry.”

Jing Lin picked up his book and said, “I’m not going to fall for it.”

“If I bluff you, I’m a puppy.” Cang Ji pressed down on Jing Lin’s shoulders from behind and said, “If it’s a lie, you will be able to sense it once you say it out.”

Jing Lin stared blankly at the words in the book for a while before saying, “… You mustn’t deceive me.”

“I hold you so dear in my heart.” Cang Ji whispered, “How would I bear to deceive you?”

Jing Lin’s fingertips felt a little cold. He went silent again for a while, then recited it with clear articulation, “… Gege.”

Take me home.

All of a sudden, Jing Lin recalled these words. Penetrating pain subconsciously spread through his fingertips, as if these words had been repeated while he had been in the midst of pain.

The dark carriage was like a dark sarcophagus. Jing Lin vaguely saw a stone wall mottled with bloodstains before his eyes. He thought there were words written on it, but he only saw layers upon layers of lines.

Jing Lin jolted back to his senses. He felt a small current of heat in his chest, yet his eyes stung. But he was not sure where this sadness originated from.

Could he still feel sad?

He was already a dead man.

He could not distinguish happiness from other emotions. He could not feel the stirrings of his heart. He was truly the man others said he was—that he had no heart.

So how could he feel sad?

Jing Lin said, “… Isn’t this…”

“The real man himself.” Cang Ji’s arm tightened around him. He said, “Isn’t this Jing Lin? Am I not hugging you in my arms?”

“I was pursuing you…” Jing Lin turned his head to the side and asked with complicated feelings, “I love you?”

“I was pursuing you.” Cang Ji did not reply, but repeated in a resolute tone. “I love you.”

These words were so scalding they made Jing Lin flustered. The stone in his sleeve finally seized the opportunity and tumbled out to turn around in circles disbelievingly beside their legs. Cang Ji retracted his feet and stuffed the stone back into his own sleeve.

“I love you.” Cang Ji said even more intensely. “I love Lord Linsong, Jing Lin. Why aren’t you looking at me? You are burning up. Did my words make you feel hot or did they make you feel embarrassed?”

Jing Lin pursed his lips tightly and said nothing.

Cang Ji said, “If you don’t look at me, I’ll say it all night.”

Jing Lin immediately turned his head with surprise and fear in his eyes. It was the first time he had revealed such an expression in this patchwork body of his. He was even a little inarticulate as he said, “I don’t want… I don’t want to listen.”

“Is that so?” Cang Ji emphasized his words. “Then do you also not want to listen to how I not only love you, but also want to hug you, caress you, and take you into my mouth? If that’s the case, I’ll stop it—in your dreams!”

The stone struggled in Cang Ji’s sleeve but failed to escape. Jing Lin was dazed for a moment, then he unexpectedly raised his hands to cover his ears. His face, which was initially expressionless, gradually took on a look of anger and shame under Cang Ji’s gaze.

“… Then I will say it too!”

Cang Ji let out a laugh. “I couldn’t ask for more. Bring it on. I’m all ears.”

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  1. 腰窝 Also known as dimples of venus.