Characters’ Names

The list will be updated as more characters pop up in the translations.
Only major characters and supporting characters that appear frequently will be listed. If there’s someone whose name you want to know but is not in the list, feel free to drop a message!

Nan Chan
苍霁 Cang Ji
净霖 Jing Lin
黎嵘 Li Rong
云生 Yun Sheng
阿乙 A-Yi
浮梨 Fu Li
宗音 Zong Yin
苍帝 Emperor Cang (??’s title)
临松君 Lord Linsong (Jing Lin’s title)
杀戈君 Lord Shage (Li Rong’s title)
承天君 Lord Chengtian (Yun Sheng’s title), the current Supreme Lord
九天君 Lord Jiutian (The Supreme Father), ex-Supreme Lord
东君 Lord Dong (literally Eastern Lord)
​醉山僧 Zui Shan Seng (literally Drunken Mountain Monk)
晖桉 Hui’an
顾深 Gu Shen
冬林 Dong Lin
钱为仕 Qian Weishi
华裳 Huachang
喜言 Xiyan
乐言 Le Yan
楚纶 Chu Lun, also known as 慎之 Shenzhi
千钰 Qianyu
左清昼 Zuo Qingzhou, also known as 曦景 Xijing

Fox Demon Cultivation Manual
宋辞 Song Ci, also known as ​梁书鸿 Liang Shuhong (his real name)
容白 Rong Bai
鹿绍卿 Lu Shaoqing
闻长初 Wen Changchu
祝亦舒 Zhu Yishu, also known as 守舒 Shoushu
祝昀 Zhu Yun
戴彦行 Dai Yanxing, also known as 离彦真人 Li Yan Zhenren
傅池 Fu Chi, also known as 离池 Li Chi
温禅 Wen Chan
楼慕歌 Lou Muge, also goes by the title 魔尊 Mo Zun
冯卓君 Feng Zhuojun , also known as 镜老头 Mirror Old Man
​姜良 Jiang Liang
芩妤 Qinyu