How to Buy on JJWXC

There are two ways you can top up points on JJWXC:
1) Paypal – Minimum top up of USD$17
2) Taobao – You can top up just the cost of the book itself.
Read below for more details.

!! TIPS !!
Top up via Paypal on the JJWXC website or via Taobao, then purchase the novel via the mobile app instead.
Prices are much lower on the apps.
• Nan Chan: 1049 (USD$1.78) on the mobile app or 1748 (USD$2.97) on the desktop web version.
• Qiang Jin Jiu: 2849 (USD$4.84) on the mobile app or 4763 (USD$8.10) on the desktop web version.
• Time-Limited Hunt: 702 (USD$1.19) on the mobile app or 1177 (USD$2.00) on the desktop web version.
• Right On Target: (pending, novel on-going)
• Fox Demon Cultivation Manual: 825 (USD$1.40) on the mobile app or 1385 (USD$2.35) on the desktop web version.
* These are approximated and estimated prices; locked chapters that aren’t purchasable at the time of checking aren’t included in the price.

Where to download JJWXC Mobile Apps: [JJWXC Link 1 or 2]

Names in Chinese for Copy & Paste
• Nan Chan: 南禅
• Qiang Jin Jiu: 将进酒
• Time-Limited Hunt: 限时狩猎
• Right On Target: 准点狙击
• Fox Demon Cultivation Manual: 狐妖修炼指南
• Tang Jiuqing: 唐酒卿

Guide for Next Step
How to obtain and send proof of purchases

Special Thanks to Eggy! (Posted with Permission)
How to make a JJWXC account in 5 mins
How to set up Paypal on JJWXC in 10 mins