Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I translate your translations into another language?

Yes, blanket permission is given as long as you credit Lianyin and link back to https://cangji.net. Do also note that my translations are not word-for-word or literal translations if that’s what you are looking for. 

Permission is DENIED for retranslations that will be posted on for-profit or monetizing sites (i.e., sites that makes money off ad-revenues, etc). 

Also please note that all ongoing translations will undergo a round of re-edits to weed out typos, standardize terms, clean up text, etc once the translation has been completed.

​!! Retranslations for locked chapters are not allowed unless you have the same system in place. (e.g. Nan Chan Physical Book-Only Extras). !!

Thank you very much for your understanding! :3

Where can I find original raws of the novels?

Unless otherwise stated, all novels translated here are from JJWXC. The direct link is in the “Support the Author!” box at the end of every chapter. (Specifically, the ’Novel’ link). It’s also in the synopsis of the novel.

How do I buy from JJWXC to show my support?
Do you accept ko-fi / donations?

No, I’m only translating out of love for the novels. If you love the stories, you can show your support directly to the authors by buying the original chapters or novels on JJWXC! The links are at the bottom of every translated chapter. Thank you! :3

Some of the terms varies in the translations?

Yeah, I’m aware of that. Once the whole novel has been translated, I’ll do another read through and re-edit to weed out typos, clean up sentences, standardize terms, and such. In the meantime, please bear with me!

Update schedule?

NC Edits: ongoing
QJJ Mini Edits: ongoing
QJJ: ~3 days + advanced chapters
TLH: ~1 week
RoT: ~2075 years

Some chapters are locked?

Please read this. Thank you!

Do you have epubs of the novels?

Currently no, and permission has so far not been given to convert the translations into epubs or pdfs for redistribution. This is because Nan Chan is still undergoing edits, while the other ongoing translations like QJJ will be undergoing edits after the translations is done. Any epubs, if ready and available in the future, will be posted on the site itself, but for now, any epubs or pdfs you see floating around aren’t authorized and are likely not up to date either.

Comment section?

Disabled and not likely to open up in the future. Sorry!

Translation style

In fan translations, I tend to be more liberal in using Chinese terms like gege, shifu, and in dishing out footnotes if I find that it might be helpful to a non-Chinese reader. Fan translations are, after all, a hobby project to me so I’ll tend to be less picky about the translation style and share cultural tips when I can.

In official translations (of licensed novels), however, I’ll tend to go for a more formal version in English that is press-ready, i.e., minimal Chinese terms (except for names) and no/minimal footnotes. (Also subjected to publisher’s preference). I’d also be happy to rework my translations into the proper format for publishing, and I’m also open to translating other official licensed novels by other authors. Feel free to contact me at lianyin.yutu[@]gmail.com!

Hiring for official licensed novels

I’m open to translating other officially licensed novels by other authors. Feel free to contact me at lianyin.yutu[@]gmail.com! Official translations will differ from my fan translations in the sense that they will be more formal with no/minimal Chinese terms and footnotes! (See above about translation styles!)