In an effort to encourage readers to support the original works, this site will be accessible with proof of purchases from now on. Please take a moment to read on to see what it would mean for readers.

  1. When you buy the book, you’re paying the author and not to the translator (who doesn’t get a single cent from the translations). The translator simply just provides you with a translation so that you can enjoy the work which you otherwise would not get to read in its original language.
  2. That said, this is a fan translation, so there is a possibility that the translation will be taken down in the future for various reasons (e.g. when the JJWXC international site goes up, etc). Any ongoing translations will also have to be stopped. And that also means that you might have to pay twice to read the JJWXC version IF the JJWXC international site has an EN version and IF it charges differently from their CN version. (Still no information on this site yet, so it’s all assumptions now.) If you are unable to accept this, please wait until the JJWXC site goes up or for an official version (if any) so you don’t have to buy twice.
  3. With this move, the format for available vs locked translations on this site will follow JJWXC. i.e.,
    — freely available novel chapters on JJWXC = freely available translations,
    — locked VIP chapters on JJWXC = locked translations with proof of purchase need for access.

So what does it means for the current translations?
As a result of this change, the updated plans for the current translations are as follows:
Nan Chan: major edits based on Traditional Chinese physical copy
Qiang Jin Jiu: major edits based on Traditional Chinese physical copy
Time-Limited Hunt: to finish up the translation unless there are new updates
Right on Target: still on free chapters; to be updated once at VIP chapters on JJ
FDCM: minor tweaks

Q: I have previously sent in proof of purchase. Do I need to resend?
No. Those passwords will remain the same. Please refer below:
Qiang Jin Jiu: use the current advanced chapter password
Time-Limited Hunt: no change to password
Right on Target: we’re still on free chapters
Nan Chan: will email the new password to those who have sent in for NC previously. DM or email me if you didn’t get an email.
Nan Chan Physical Book-Only Extras: no change for both
Fox Demon Cultivation Manual: those already in the midst of reading, use the current password. New readers will need proof of purchase

Q: I’m having trouble purchasing, or I have some other concerns/questions.
Feel free to join the #SupportAuthors discord to ask for help! If you have any genuine concerns or personal difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact me via DM or email @ lianyin.yutu[[@]] so that we can work something out.

THANK YOU for supporting the authors! ♡

(1) Screenshot of your purchase receipt on JJWXC, and/or
(2) Photo of physical books

JJWXC Digital Copies

Purchase of full novel required (sans any locked chapter).
Receipt of digital copy purchase must clearly show purchase id.

Qiang Jin Jiu
Search with either the name 将进酒 or book id 3373718
~2849 (USD$4.84) mobile app, OR ~4763 (USD$8.10) desktop web

Nan Chan
Search with either the name 南禅 or book id 3245450
~1049 (USD$1.78) on the mobile, OR ~1748 (USD$2.97) on the desktop web

Time-Limited Hunt
Search with either the name 限时狩猎 or book id 4350774
~702 (USD$1.19) on the mobile app, OR ~1177 (USD$2.00) on the desktop web

Right on Target
Search with either the name in Chinese 准点狙击 or book id 4497925
Price To Be Updated; Novel Ongoing

Fox Demon Cultivation Manual
Search with either the name in Chinese 狐妖修炼指南 or book id 3871662
~825 (USD$1.40) on the mobile app, OR ~1385 (USD$2.35) on the desktop web

■ Recommend to top up via PayPal on the JJWXC website, then purchase the novel via the mobile app instead as prices are much lower on the apps.
These are estimated prices; locked chapters that aren’t purchasable at the time of checking aren’t included in the price. So not to worry if your final amount is slightly different from the one listed above!
■ Price listed is for the whole book!

Physical Copies

Photo of physical copy should include your email on a piece of paper for authentication.

Accepted Physical Copies:
(1) Qiang Jin Jiu: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese (to be released)
(2) Nan Chan: Simplified Chinese*, Traditional Chinese*
(3) Time-Limited Hunt: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

* For Nan Chan Physical Book-Only Extras
There are extras from Nan Chan’s physical books that are available ONLY in the book specified. Therefore, translation will only be available to anyone who has purchased the respective physical copy. E.g. If you have bought the Simplified Chinese version, you can get access to the translation for the extra in the Simplified Chinese version, and vice versa.

Nan Chan – Traditional Chinese Physical Book-Only Extras
Nan Chan – Simplified Chinese Physical Book-Only Extra

Audio Dramas

Proof of audio dramas will not be applicable for novel translations, however you can get access to the translations for the audio drama itself.

Currently available AD translations:
(1) Qiang Jin Jiu
Season 1 Ep 13 onwards will be subbed on MaoerFM itself. You’ll need to purchase the AD on MaoerFM to access both the AD and English subtitles, while the earlier ones will remain accessible.

Please refer to this page for more detail on how to gain access.

How to buy on JJWXC
How to obtain proof of purchase

​◈ Google Form
You can also ask for help with buying the novels on the #SupportAuthors Discord

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